Discover MELIPAPIFRESH-B cement tile, a true 20×23 cm masterpiece. With its Plain colors U105 Goose Poo Green, U47 Blue Gray, U6 Green, U74 Forest Green, U95 Peach Brown, this tile offers a refined, timeless style. Its surface, adorned with a captivating geometric pattern, brings a touch of elegance to your interior. Transform your space with this Cement tile with 2 mm joints, creating a harmonious, long-lasting aesthetic.

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Genuine cement tile with U105 Goose Poo Green, U47 Blue Grey, U6 Green, U74 Forest Green, U95 Peach Brown pattern.


Captivating dimensions and colors

Immerse yourself in the world of MELIPAPIFRESH-B cement tile, measuring 20×23 cm. This tile stands out for its Plain colors U105 Goose Poo Green, U47 Bluish Gray, U6 Green, U74 Forest Green, U95 Peach Brown, creating a visually captivating contrast.

An artistic geometric pattern

On its surface, a subtly drawn geometric pattern adds an artistic dimension to your interior. This Cement tile is a real work of art for your floor.

Fine joints for a refined look

With a joint width of 2 mm, this Cement tile offers a clean, elegant look. The fine joints create visual continuity between the tiles, highlighting the pattern and colors.

Using Cement tiles in the home

Cement tiles are particularly suitable for certain areas of the home, including :

Kitchens: they are highly resistant to moisture and stains, making them a wise choice for floors and worktops.
Bathrooms: their water resistance makes them ideal for walls or floors in this damp room.
Living room: Cement tiles add a touch of originality and elegance, for example as wall coverings or fireplaces.
Bedrooms: their warm, comfortable look makes them an excellent choice for bedroom flooring.

Advantages of Cement tiles

In addition to their attractive appearance, cement tiles offer several advantages over other types of covering:

Durability: their resistance to impact and wear makes them a long-lasting investment.
Easy care: simply clean with a damp sponge and mild soap.
Environmentally-friendly: the traditional manufacturing process uses no harmful chemicals and has a low impact on the environment.

Express your creativity with MELIPAPIFRESH-B cement tile

You can give free rein to your creativity by playing with the infinite design possibilities offered by MELIPAPIFRESH-B cement tile. Create bold geometric compositions or opt for a more subtle layout, depending on your tastes and needs.

The perfect combination of style and functionality

MELIPAPIFRESH-B cement tile perfectly combines style and functionality. Its compact size, elegant colors, thin 2 mm joints and captivating pattern make it an exceptional option for creating spaces that are both striking and long-lasting.

When you choose MELIPAPIFRESH-B cement tile, you’re choosing a quality product that’s both aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing. Transform your interior into a unique space with this eye-catching Cement tile.

20 x 23 cm
17 mm
U105 Goose Poo Green, U47 Blue Grey, U6 Green, U74 Forest Green, U95 Peach Brown
Joint width
2 mm

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20×23 cm


petrol blue U28, white U8

Joint width

2 mm