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Find all our videos of making a real cement tile.

Video of cement tiles

Cimenterie de la Tour has been selling handmade cement or hydraulic tiles since 1932. Discover all of our videos talking about cement tiles, the latest trends, customer achievements or new patterns from our company or designed by designers. Indeed, you will find videos of our manufacturing workshop located in Morocco. Thus, discover how to make a divider, a brass piece used to create a pattern. Or, the stages of manufacturing a real cement tile: dosage of raw materials, dosage of natural color pigments or quality control of mosaic tiles. Also, discover the layout of our workshop, the different poles, our craftsmen or the dividers and tiles manufactured.

Need advice for laying or treating cement tile?

Discover our videos showing you how to lay them, treat them so that a nice patina is done on your floor. Thus, we show the latest trends in colors or patterns to give you inspiration. These videos are intended to introduce you to the world of craftsmanship. But also to share with you the manufacturing processes of a handmade product for almost 1 century. Also, it will be possible to virtually visit our warehouse or our showrooms located in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès. We know that choosing a cement tile whether plain or patterned is very difficult. Your houses are often in full renovation or not even on their feet yet and projecting yourself seems impossible to you.

Cimenterie de la Tour supports you in your choices or in the layout of your cement tiles according to the style of decoration desired. So, do not hesitate to send us videos of your cement tile projects, as this will inspire our customers.