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Cement tiles have been a popular choice of floor and wall covering since the 19th century, particularly in Paris.

The history of cement tiles in Paris

Origins and popularity in the 19th century

Cement tiles first appeared in France in the mid-19th century. Their traditional, handcrafted manufacture quickly won over the homes of Parisian high society.

Use in high society homes and democratization

Over the years, the use of cement tiles has become democratized, now reaching all social strata. Today, they are an integral part of Parisian architectural heritage.

Advantages and disadvantages of cement tiles

Durability and aesthetics

The main advantage of cement tiles lies in their durability and unique aesthetics. Each tile is handcrafted, giving it a special charm.

Comparison with other types of tile (ceramic, parquet)

Compared with other coverings such as ceramic or parquet, cement tiles offer undeniable added value in terms of quality and appearance.

Choosing the right cement tile for your project

Tips for selecting colors, patterns and sizes

To choose your cement tiles properly, consider color harmony, size and patterns. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional to guide you in your choice.

Suitability for internal and external uses

Cement tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are suitable for a variety of uses, including floors, walls and worktops.

Current trends and Parisian styles

Popular patterns and colors in Paris

Current trends in Paris include geometric, floral and oriental patterns. Colors are often soft and natural, with gray, beige and blue tones predominating.

How to integrate cement tiles into modern projects

To integrate cement tiles into a modern project, it’s important to pay attention to the balance between tradition and modernity. Combine them with contemporary elements for a harmonious look.

Finding a cement tile specialist and dealer in Paris

Tips for choosing a competent professional

To find the right specialist in Paris, give preference to local craftsmen with a solid reputation. Check out their customer reviews and possibly ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Examples of decorating projects with cement tiles in Paris

Residential projects

Cement tiles are used in a variety of residential projects in Paris, including kitchen floors, bathrooms and entrances.

Commercial projects

In the commercial realm, cement tiles are often found in Parisian restaurants, boutiques and hotels, adding a touch of elegance and authenticity to the premises.