Our showroom in Saint Aunès

Discover our showroom of cement tiles and tiles in Saint Aunès.

Cimenterie de la Tour
in Saint Aunès

For more than 20 years, the Cimenterie de la Tour has been established in the heart of Lavérune, a village near Montpellier. For a few years, the Cimenterie de la Tour has also been established in the industrial zone of Saint-Aunès under the name Carrelage de la Tour.
With a room of more than 300 m², go to our shop to discover our real handcrafted cement tiles and choose what will make the charm of your floors or walls.
Our team remains at your disposal for any type of advice request in order to support you in your project.

What is the price of a cement tile?

As the price varies according to the number of colors and the dimensions of the tile, you can contact us via our quote request form or by telephone.

Can real cement tiles be laid in a bathroom?

Yes, it is possible to put them in a bathroom. You just have to be careful that the tiles are not cleaned with limescale bleach or white vinegar.

What is the difference between a real cement tile and a fake cement tile?

A faux cement tile or imitation cement tile tile, as its name suggests, has the characteristics of a tile. A real cement tile, on the other hand, tends to be more resistant over time than a simple tile which has a thinner thickness as well as a manufacturing process different from that of an authentic cement tile.