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The authenticity and charm of cement tiles in Bordeaux are increasingly appealing to homeowners, interior designers and decorating enthusiasts alike. These traditional coverings add a unique, elegant touch to any space.

History and origin of cement tiles in Bordeaux

Cement tiles first appeared in the 19th century, particularly in the Bordeaux region, where demand for this noble, durable material grew rapidly. The handcrafted, artisanal manufacturing method gives the tiles a highly prized, authentic look.

Authentic, artisanal manufacturing method

The cement tile manufacturing process relies on the use of a mixture of cement, colored pigments and aggregates, which is then poured into specific molds to create the desired patterns. The result: unique, refined pieces.

Use in architecture and interior design

Bordeaux cement tiles are often used to embellish spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and terraces. Interior designers particularly appreciate this material for its ability to sublimate a project thanks to its inimitable cachet.

Suitable spaces

Thanks to their resistance and aesthetic appeal, cement tiles are ideally suited to wet rooms such as bathrooms, as well as those subject to frequent passage, such as entrances and corridors. They add an elegant touch to the floors and walls of kitchens and terraces.

Range of colors and patterns in Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Bordeaux cement tiles are available in a multitude of colors and patterns, ranging from traditional to contemporary. This diversity makes it easy to adapt these products to any type of interior, whatever the style required.

Care and maintenance of Bordeaux cement tiles

To preserve the beauty and durability of your cement tiles, it’s essential to take good care of them. Use a mild cleaner and avoid abrasive products that could alter their surface.

Filler treatment

As cement tiles are porous, it is necessary to apply a filler treatment to prevent the infiltration of water or stains. This treatment must be renewed regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

All in all, Bordeaux cement tiles offer an aesthetic and durable solution for enhancing your interior and exterior spaces. Don’t hesitate to consult an interior designer or visit one of the region’s specialist stores to discover and choose the cement tile that’s right for you.