MINI PÖT by Sandy Rubio

Discover the cement tiles designed by the Sandy Rubio design studio and produced by Studio 32

The MINI PÖT collection is closely inspired by pottery and ceramics. Through the material, the irregular lines of the patterns as well as with the variation of the different shades, the collection of genuine MINI PÖT cement tiles aims to highlight the aesthetics of craftsmanship. The 5 patterns available in 8 different shades are worked so as to be placed alone or mixed together.

A contemporary and minimalist collection

MINI PÖT has a modern and minimalist look thanks to the clean lines and two-tone patterns. On a light linen or white base, the shades are distinguished under two categories: Architectural shades and natural shades. This collection can be adapted to different types of projects: construction, renovation, development. Let your creativity speak for itself and opt for a personalized composition from this collection of authentic cement tiles called MINI PÖT.


Forest Green