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Cement tiles in Nantes: a durable and aesthetic option for your interior

The cement tile is a unique material, blending durability and sophisticated allure. In Nantes, these tiles are particularly prized by homeowners and interior designers alike. Discover the history of this material, its benefits, current trends and the best local stores where you can find the ideal cement tile for your project.

History and manufacture of cement tiles

First appearing in the 19th century, cement tiles are made from a mixture of marble powder, sand, cement and natural pigments. The artisanal technique used in their manufacture produces varied, colorful patterns that have elegantly stood the test of time.

Advantages of cement tiles

Durable, water-resistant and easy to maintain, cement tiles are an ideal option for your interior floors and walls. Their decorative look adds an authentic touch to your decor and blends perfectly with different interior styles.

Current interior design trends with cement tiles in Nantes

In Nantes, three strong cement tile trends stand out:

  1. Sober colors: gray, black and white remain timeless;
  2. Geometric patterns: lines, hexagons and friezes bring visual dynamism;
  3. Plain tiles: to create an effect of grandeur in interior spaces.

Tips for choosing and maintaining cement tiles

To choose your cement tiles properly, take into account the ambience you wish to create as well as the technical constraints linked to your space. Also, make sure you respect the minimum thickness required to ensure good adhesion to the floor or wall. Finally, maintain your tiles regularly with a suitable product to preserve their shine and durability.

When you consider cement tiles for your decorating project in Nantes, you’re opting for a noble, timeless material that will sublimate your interior. Explore current trends and don’t hesitate to call on professional advice to unearth the perfect cement tile for your space.