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Creator, Publisher and Manufacturer of Cement Tiles since 1932

Cement tiles are a material of expression. Their artisanal manufacture allows designers and architects to record their graphic universes in our homes. La Cimenterie de la Tour creates, publishes and creates its own collections.

Founded in 1932, La Cimenterie de la Tour moved to France in 1996 to introduce the handcrafted production of hydraulic tiles or inlaid tiles or mosaic tiles. Today, the Cimenterie de la Tour perpetuates the tradition and still manufactures its products by hand, tile after tile, in its workshop since 1932. Established in France in the 1990s, Cimenterie de la Tour has convinced a large number of architects and customers thanks to the quality of its products and its knowledge.

To find out more, consult the dedicated website pages: the history of the Cimenterie de la Tour and the achievements


Find the cement tiles that match your project among all those available in our catalog.


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All that’s left to do is install your freshly delivered cement tiles and follow our installation and treatment tips.

Studio 32 : La rencontre entre savoir-faire depuis 1932, design et architecture

Through Studio 32, discover signature cement tiles and artisanal ceramics in a contemporary and authentic style.

decoration carreaux de ciment paris
carreaux de ciment designer eli gutierrez

A unique material that allows all audacity in terms of creativity both in its graphic lines and in its tones.
Our collections are worked in our workshops, designed in our graphic studio. A contemporary take on a traditional cement tile.

Our cement tile designs

Discover our latest trends. Imagine your own assembly of patterns.




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Our achievements

Discover all the creations made with authentic tiles from Cimenterie de la Tour.

A responsive team at your service

The workshop

Our Cimenterie de la Tour workshop manufactures Cement, Granito and Terrazzo tiles, all designed by us or our partner designers.

We also let you give free rein to your creativity by creating your own patterns. Our Cimenterie de la Tour workshop is able to manufacture them within 4 to 6 weeks.

La Tour cement plant has a team of 60 skilled workers in its own manufacturing workshop. It manufactures, by hand, its mosaic tiles, its granito and terrazzo tiles, all designed by us.

Each worker makes 80 to 100 cement tiles per day or 60 to 70 granito and terrazzo tiles. A control team checks the colors, thickness and conformity of the designs before bringing them to the drying area, where they will remain for 8 to 10 days.

Commercial service

A sales department is at your disposal either by email ( ) or by phone ( t. (33) 04 67 07 50 55 ) to answer all your questions. But also to advise you in your choices and your arrangements.

The Online Simulator offers a choice of over 700 patterns. Color and customize them with our cement palette and visualize your designs in 3D virtual interiors. Combine patterned tiles, plains and borders and compose a virtual rug.


For immediate dispatch, La Cimenterie de la tour offers a stock of more than 700 references and 8000 m² of cement tiles in stock at its depot in Lavérune in France, near Montpellier.

We deliver in 48/72 hours throughout France, when the cement tiles you want are in stock. In the event of manufacture on demand, it is necessary to count on a delay of 4 to 5 weeks.

Distribution in France

They are done through numerous resellers (list available on request) located in all regions, it is also done through prescribers such as DPLG architects, interior designers, decorators and installation companies. La Cimenterie de la Tour delivers directly to all their sites.

It is also done directly with individuals, via the internet, with a personalized delivery service.

Distribution in EU

In neighboring countries, we have importing distributors, also a network of resellers in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

Many specifiers, architects, decorators and tilers are in contact with us, either on behalf of their customers, or at the request of private customers delivered directly.

Advice and support for the cement tile

Once your tiles have been received, you are not alone. Our team is always at your service to guide you in the preparation of your work.

We have also written installation and treatment advice in order to help you install and maintain the cement tile in the best conditions.

If you have additional questions regarding cement tiles, you can visit our FAQ page.