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New : our reissued cement tiles

By 7 March 2023September 27th, 2023No Comments

Cement tiles are a timeless material. The trends in decoration, however, are changing. Among the trends are different styles such as Wabisabi, Japandi or Farm Life. From these different decoration movements, ambiances, color ranges and dominant shades arise. So that our tiles can be integrated into different universes, both trendy and timeless, old and new, Cimenterie de la Tour offers cement tiles with authentic reissued patterns. Discover these new products that will be perfect for your various renovation, construction, landscaping and decoration projects.

Carreaux de ciment motif ancien dans une verrière

Motif M0098

Antique designs colored

Many iconic patterns are antique patterns. Indeed, between rosettes, scrolls and cubes, our catalog has more than a hundred of these patterns. In order to allow them to be integrated into a wider variety of environments, these antique motifs have been re-edited in different ways.

Carreaux de ciment motif ancien

Motif M0255

The monochrome ranges

Just like old and authentic cement tiles, monochrome is refined and timeless. Monochrome means a single color. However, it also means a palette of several shades of the same hue. In a creative project, monochrome is intended to highlight a space, a support. Our different cement tiles with antique monochrome patterns can be installed on the floor or walls.

The color mix

Mixed colors are a common composition in cement tiles. Bright colors or more neutral colors, the color combinations can be endless! Classic cement tiles were often mixed with white, gray, black, red, yellow brown and blue.

Carreaux de ciment nouveauté motif ancien dans une pièce vive

Motif M0778

Graphic patterns revisited

Cimenterie de la Tour’s teams have also redesigned the modern and minimalist graphic patterns of our catalog in order to offer original and authentic mixes. Find the essential 3D patterns or ultra-minimalist patterns drawing tinted cabochons. With more than fifty shades in the color library, discover these new must-have and trendy mixes.

Nouveau carreaux de ciment motif géométrique

Motif M0033

Timeless line extensions

Among the essential patterns, timeless patterns also appear, allowing an installation as well as a design in the old, as well as in the contemporary or the modern. These different ranges have been extended to cover a wider range of colors. Natural, neutral or vivid shades embellish these different collections.

Carreaux de ciment nouveauté motif ancien en sol de cuisine

Motif M0494

The signature collections of Studio 32 designers are also part of these timeless and eclectic collections. Discover different universes going from the 70’s vintage touch signed François Combaud x Sandy Rubio to the psychedelic style of Appelle Moi Papa, passing by the graphic delicacy of Elli Gutierrez as well as that of Piergil Fourquié.

The entire team of specialists at Cimenterie de la Tour is available to assist you with your renovation, design and decoration projects using cement tiles.

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