Zelliges and Bejmat

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Zelliges and Bejmat, Explore the Cimenterie de la Tour collection
Immerse yourself in a world of timeless sophistication with our handcrafted collection of Zelliges and Bejmat, meticulously crafted in Morocco by Cimenterie de la Tour. Discover how these unique tiles, imbued with passion and expertise, can enhance the aesthetics of your interior space.
Authentic Craftsmanship: Hand-crafted Zelliges and Bejmat
Each tile in our range is a unique work of art, created from fired, glazed or natural clay. Immerse yourself in the authenticity and natural beauty of our Zellij and Bejmat, where every subtle nuance of color and texture tells a story of craftsmanship.
Versatility and elegance: Integrate Zelliges and Bejmat into Your Space
Discover how our Zelliges and Bejmat tiles blend harmoniously into a variety of settings, bringing a touch of elegance to your walls, floors, kitchens and bathrooms. Find inspiration to transform your space with these versatile and captivating elements.
Choose your style: Square Zelliges or Rectangular Bejmats
Explore our complete range of 10 x 10 cm square Zelliges or opt for our rectangular Bejmats measuring 15 x 5 cm. Personalize your space with tiles that adapt to your specific needs, offering exceptional design flexibility.
An Infinite Palette of Colors: Inspired by the Cimenterie de la Tour Color Chart
Let yourself be seduced by our varied color palette, directly inspired by Cimenterie de la Tour’s exclusive color chart. Each tile becomes a unique artistic expression, adding a visual symphony to your walls and furniture.
Create Your Interior: Transform Your Space with Zelliges and Bejmat
Explore our collection to bring your interior design projects to life. Zellij and Bejmat tiles from Cimenterie de la Tour are much more than just tiles: they are the very essence of exceptional aesthetics and unrivalled authenticity. Transform your space with tiles that captivate and inspire.