Our story

Discover the history of Cimenterie de la Tour: Creator, publisher and manufacturer of cement tiles since 1932;

Who we are

We are cement tile manufacturers, without any intermediaries, specializing in the reproduction of antique tiles; Our extensive collection includes a multitude of patterned cement tiles, trends andplain, available in many formats.

Cimenterie de la Tour, founded in 1932 in Rabat, in Morocco, is a family-run business that moved to Lavérune (Montpellier, France) in 1996; With our team of 45 professionals, we faithfully reproduce and market timeless antique designs;

In fact, Cimenterie de la Tour generates 75% of its sales in France. France and 25% abroad, mainly in Europe and in United States. Its clientele is made up of 80% private individuals and 20% professionals, i.e. retailers and architects;

Today, Cimenterie de la Tour is present almost everywhere in France and the northern countries of the EEC; It is also represented from the west coast of the United States to Russia, and has been present in China and Japan since 2005;

Cimenterie de la Tour is continuing its development by bringing its know-how in the material, and only the MATERIAL…..with its own brand :

Cimenterie de la Tour

Over 200 models available from stock, an infinite number to order, from 5/5 to 30/30, with or without pattern, 18 solid colors available;

Entirely handmade, they come in a multitude of original patterns and plains in warm, contemporary colors; In 2015, the Cimenterie de la Tour rethinks cement tile with the launch of a new trendy series offering designs in contemporary shapes and colors;

Carrelage de la Tour

Cimenterie de la Tour’s expertise and vision of product quality have made it a tile specialist near Montpellier;

Discover our site dedicated to Carrelage de la Tour, offering a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles, earthenware, mosaic and furniture.

Studio de la Tour 32

Studio de la Tour 32 is a design studio founded by Cimenterie de la Tour, with a creative approach to creating decorative coverings that combine natural materials and a modern, contemporary look traditional craftsmanship.

Thanks to our workshop specializing in the manufacture of cement tiles in Morocco and our close ties with the ceramics industry, Studio 32 offers distinctive creations, timeless and minimalists, designed to harmonize spaces and volumes in an elegant way;

Our commitments, services and news

Quality of service and workmanship

Cimenterie de la Tour has become the market leader in the manufacture and distribution of cement tiles; To achieve this, a complete range of colors and patterns has been created to meet the needs of both private and professional customers; Cimenterie de la Tour has also integrated a second production workshop to meet the sustained demand from certain European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany…

International trade shows

Cimenterie de la Tour will be exhibiting for the fifth time at the BATIMAT 2017 international trade fair in Paris; It also takes part in other international trade fairs, such as DECOREX and CERSAIE in Italy; His various participations have led to numerous encounters and the discovery of new, original products to complement his current range;

We wish to continue our development and bring you the same quality of service and workmanship;

New products

New documentation: More formats such as hexagon and tomette, more contemporary patterns, while focusing on our know-how through cement tile re-editions to rehabilitate your interiors;

Setting up a simulator to color cement tiles and simulate your interior projects.