Zellige and Bejmat effect

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The zellige and bejmat effect tile collection for floors and walls

Find all our collections of 5x15cm tiles for floors as well as walls, perfectly suited to different renovation, development or decoration projects, in Montpellier and throughout France. With varied shades, matte and glossy finishes, our ranges of imitation bejmat and zellige tiles are ideal for various interior and exterior designs, such as authentic, contemporary, bohemian, Moroccan or ferm living styles.

The bejmat effect for a covered terrace

Faux bejmat tiles are a trendy flooring option. Designed in ceramic or porcelain stoneware, it imitates the appearance and textures of traditional bejmat tiles. Often used to cover interior and exterior floors and walls, bejmat imitation tiles can also be installed outdoors, under a covered terrace, thanks to finishes such as the R10 finish. This finish adds a decorative touch and an original layout to a patio or entrance.

The zellige effect for a Moroccan touch

Meanwhile, our zellige effect tiles offer an authentic Moroccan aesthetic with colorful patterns and unique geometric shapes. Used for interior floors and walls, zellige tiles bring a warm and artisanal atmosphere to any room. Its versatility allows it to fit harmoniously into contemporary, traditional or bohemian designs.

Bejmat imitation in a kitchen

Bejmat faux tiles offer exceptional durability, resisting stains, impact and wear, making them ideal for use in living spaces such as the kitchen. Easy to clean and maintain, it also has remarkable versatility in terms of style. Suitable for a variety of decors, from traditional to modern, it can be combined with other flooring materials such as wood or marble, creating a unique and personalized look.

The bejmat and zellige effect ranges in a bathroom

Featuring a slightly non-slip finish, bejmat effect tiles can be installed in a shower room or bathroom, whether on the floor or walls. It can also cover the floor of a walk-in shower, ensuring increased safety. The zellige effect tiles, for their part, add an artistic and authentic touch to the bathroom environment.

Discover all our ranges of bejmat and zellige imitation effect tiles in our two showrooms located in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès, near Montpellier. Our teams of Carrelage de la Tour specialists are at your disposal to support you in your development, renovation, construction and decoration projects, highlighting the unique aesthetics of zellige and bejmat effect tiles.