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Combining Kit Kat mosaic and cement tile

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The Kit Kat mosaic is one of the real trends in wall coverings this year. Indeed, it represents a real decorative element. Available in two different sizes at Carrelage de la Tour, the mini Kit Kat and maxi Kit Kat mosaic ranges will blend in perfectly with the different cement tile references.

cimenterie de la tour mosaique mini kit kat bleu vert tendance

The Kit Kat mosaic trend

Some specifics of the Kit Kat mosaic

Mosaic Kit Kat from Carrelage de la Tour is a high quality glazed porcelain stoneware wall covering. This mosaic can not be installed as a floor covering. Two different sizes are available in this collection :

  • Maxi Kit Kat. Tesserae of 20 x 145mm and thickness 8mm on a net frame of 296 x 299 mm
  • Mini Kit Kat. Tesserae of 12 x 92mm and 8mm thickness on a 295 x 283 mm net weave

The mini Kit Kat and the maxi Kit Kat

cimenterie de la tour mosaique maxi kit kat vieillie

The maxi Kit Kat is a range with two distinct finishes. For the first, we have the smooth finish. It is available in many colors. It is suitable for contemporary and minimalist projects, where walls need to be graphic without too much texture. The aged finish is available in 5 colors. This last one is more suitable for projects requiring material and texture to the walls. Indeed, the tesserae have contrasting edges and a plain speckled heart.

cimenterie de la tour mosaique kit kat vert d eau tendance

The Mini Kit Kat has only one finish. Contrasting edges and a gradient core give the surfaces depth and substance. It is available in 11 different shades.

Cement tiles matched with Kit Kat mosaic

Design with plain cement tiles

With plain cement tiles, any range in any finish can be installed. However, the overriding question remains :

“What do we want to focus on?”

cimenterie de la tour presente la mosaique kit kat bleu marine tendance

  • If you want to highlight the cement tiles, it is therefore advisable to install a mosaic with a softer, less dominant, even neutral.
  • If you want to highlight the mosaic, choose a dominant mosaic color, more saturated or contrasting.

Tip : If you want to highlight a global atmosphere, opt for monochrome between the floor and the walls (shades of red, shades of blue, shades of green, shades of gray).

cimenterie de la tour mosaique mini kit kat tendance rose

Design with cement tile patterns

With cement tile patterns, it is preferable to use the maxi Kit Kat smooth finish range. This finish will highlight the patterns as well as the material of the cement tile. With the maxi range in smooth finish, for a more decorative side, the joints can be worked in a colored way.

Our cement tile specialists are available to handle your various projects. Whether it is for a renovation, a fitting out or decoration with cement tiles, do not hesitate to contact our team to help you in the technical and aesthetic choice of your tiles.

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