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Cement tiles in a kitchen

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These real tiles with their original patterns and varied colors can be found in many rooms of the interior, but more generally in the kitchen. Whether in modern detached houses, historic city center apartments, authentic buildings or newly built apartments, cement tiles can be used in any architectural style. With a variety of designs ranging from traditional to modern, eclectic to baroque, cement tiles can be found in the kitchen.

Can cement tiles be installed in a kitchen?

The question of the installation of cement tiles in a kitchen is often raised.

Indeed, due to the use of cleaning products, possible spills and unfortunate stains. Here are the tips on how to install cement tiles in the kitchen, both on the floor and on the wall, in credenza.

Cement tiles on a kitchen floor

Les carreaux de ciment peuvent être posés au sol d’une cuisine.

Cimenterie de la Tour cement tiles are unfinished. Once installed and grouted, they require a treatment that takes place in several steps :

  • The cleaner that allows to remove the rise of laitance. These are white halos that form on the surface of the tiles. They emanate from the fact that the tiles are porous and absorb the water contained in the glue and the joints
  • The waterproofing is done in two layers, it is essential to respect the treatment instructions specifying the different application techniques. The wax is intended to protect the tiles from all projections and daily maintenance.
  • The wax is the last step of the treatment which allows to bring a satin finish and a patina to the tiles.

The maintenance of the tiles is then done with clear tempered water or with neutral maintenance products such as Marseille soap.

Interview : L'atelier Devergne signe la Maison NSM

Cement tiles in the kitchen credenza

Just as for the kitchen floor, cement tiles can be installed as a credenza and treated with the appropriate products. Indeed, waterproofing and the use of non-acidic maintenance products will allow the durability and patina of the tiles.

Maintenance with the right products is also essential for the credenza. Indeed, we advise against the use of products such as bleach, anti-scaling or white vinegar in favor of neutral Marseille soap.

Find on our site our advice of installation as well as our advice of treatment

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carreaux de ciment sur le sol d'une cuisine à reims

Our team of specialists at Cimenterie de la Tour is available to assist you with your kitchen renovation, design and decoration projects using cement tiles.

For surfaces larger than 12m2, allow yourself to customize your cement tiles by selecting your favorite colors from our color library.

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