Aged cement tiles

Discover our aged cement tile patterns created by Cimenterie de la Tour

carreau de ciment original carreau de ciment vieilli

It is possible to create aged cement tiles from all our tiles.

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What is an aged cement tile?

It is an authentic cement tile previously manufactured on which a process is used to give an old appearance to the tile. This process involves sanding the cement tiles one by one to bring out the imperfections and thus give this aged appearance.

Why choose aged cement tiles?

The aged finish is carried out mechanically by sanding, to give the appearance of “time” to the cement tile, to find more or less pronounced areas of passage on the floor, identical to the effects noticed and perceived in the houses of the last century.

We can also notice places on the tiles, more or less dark, more or less polished, more or less scratched by time and the multiple passages used to go from one room to another in the house, or between the various furniture in fitted rooms.

This is why we appreciate, at head height, a recently laid floor only when it is fitted out and furnished, and not when the room is completely empty of furniture.

The stamp

Indeed, the laying of cement tile will bring character to your room. Distressed tiles can bring a sense of life to a room and therefore give character to it with an old look.

Dare to change

If you do not want to have the same type of cement tiles as others, use real aged cement tiles to give a different look to your room.

It is the real cement tile, as we see it today in all the old houses, halls of Haussmann buildings and farmhouses and bastides of yesteryear. The magazine Coté Sud has often highlighted in these reports of illustrious residences, the various atmospheres in which this cement tile takes on its full decorative dimension.

A cement tile of yesteryear

This cement tile has the patina of yesteryear and aged it due to its use in the various living rooms, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Formats of aged cement tiles

In these different square, rectangular or hexagon formats, the aged cement tile is also available in the entire collection of Mosaic patterns and decorated tiles.
Handcrafted, we can make it only to order, in the pastel, trendy or powder colors of your choice to match your interior decoration.