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The floor-tile, the big return in your inside!

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

Appeared to the XXth century in the South of France, and for a long time considered old-fashioned, the hexagonal floor-tile makes its big return in our interior designs. The vintage or retro style resurfaces to put forward a style of past by allying touches of modernity. Numerous sizes and motives for hexagonal floor-tiles in current colors such as the grey blue are proposed today to grant perfectly with every types of rooms to be lived. Formerly, floor-tiles were especially used for earth coverings but today they are put just as much on walls. A patchwork of floor-tiles united can create a dynamic game for a sideboard for example.

The trend to the hexagonal sizes, the graphic sizes, takes more and more place in the environment of the decoration and will make the good compromise enter a retro / modern style.

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