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Decorate his hall with cement tiles

By 7 March 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

The hall is both a passage room but also the first room visible when you enter a house. The decoration of it is therefore important especially if you intend to sell your property. Stéphane Plaza has said it himself, the sale of a good takes place in the first 10 seconds.
In order to decorate your cement tile hall, you will have to choose between patterned or plain tiles to create a mood in the room.

The choice of cement tiles

Why choose cement tiles will you say to me? Cement factory of the tower has a very wide choice of cement tiles (more than 600 references) that will delight all tastes. Cement tiles will add cachet to your lobby. The tiles can bring an old style as modern, fun as sober.

Which tiles to choose for the hall?

Among our 600 references and different colors, some cement tiles will be more adapted according to the parts where they will be posed. For example, it is quite possible to use the cement tile M0037 in a hall that will bring a modern side while keeping a certain sobriety. Feel free to add a border to have a nice finish in the corners and “break the rhythm.”

geometric cement tiles in a hall

A hall with floral motifs or old

In houses with a rather old appearance, do you want to respect the style?
Cement factory of the tower offers you a wide choice of floral patterns and old as for example the tile of cement M1750 which marries perfectly with a classic decoration. With a high ceiling, the effect will be only better.
Too bland for you? Do not worry, Cimenterie de la Tour offers the model M3440 which, while remaining sober, will be more colorful than the previous model.

decorate his hall with cement tiles

A hall with trendy patterns

You did not seek in the old but rather in the modern or the contemporary?
As previously seen with the M0037 model, Cement tiles Uk also offers modern style cement tiles. You find in particular the collections of the designer Piergil Fourquié which will bring a wind of freshness in your hall. Cement factory of the tower works with different designers that you can find by following this link:

black and white cement tiles in a hall

A wide choice of shapes

We have seen so far only square formats 20 × 20 cm.
Cimenterie de la tour also offers you the opportunity to discover hexagonal, octagonal and baseboard formats.
The hexagonal and octagonal formats will allow to have a visual other than those that we used to see everywhere.
The baseboards, meanwhile, will provide an adequate finish for your hall.

Still not decided? Visit the site of the Cement Factory of the tower to discover all our cement tiles and do not hesitate to go on our simulator to give you a first glimpse of the renderings that you could get with our tiles.
All our cement tiles are hand-made in our workshops to guarantee the best possible quality.

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