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Creating a cement tile carpet

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Would you like to incorporate a cement tile rug in one of your rooms? Thanks to our geometric, floral, modern and contemporary tiles, you can adopt a bohemian, classic, contemporary or industrial style. Discover the whole range of cement tiles that can be laid on the floor to form the carpet of your dreams.

The carpet can be composed in different ways. Depending on the style you want to bring, you have several choices.

Aménager un tapis en carreaux de ciment

Plain tiles as a carpet border

Plain tiles can serve two purposes in carocim room design. Generally in the renovation, the old building reserves surprises such as walls not forming a 90° angle with each other and corners. The plains intervene to soberly and delicately straighten the walls, while preserving the material of the cement and its character. In a second case, the borders in plain tiles can be installed for a specific aesthetic purpose. Indeed, the plain side brings modernity and minimalism to the carpet.

Patterned borders to match the center tiles

There are, depending on the references, borders that match the tiles. Often found in traditional patterns, this composition allows to find the authenticity and the traditional side of the cement tile.

Borders that complement the central motif

Many borders are available. This wide choice allows you to marry borders with many patterns despite the fact that they are not matched. Indeed, the marriage can be done at the level of the colors composing the border and the pattern or at the level of the volutes for example.

Find the different rooms in which the cement tile carpet can be installed.

Aménager un tapis en carreaux de ciment

The different rooms in which to fit a carpet

A carpeted floor in the entrance

The entrance is the first room that welcomes us in a house. It sets the tone for the atmosphere of our home. Whether it is small or large, in the form of a corridor, an airlock, or open to other rooms, the entrance is conducive to the development of a rectangular or square carpet.

A cement tile carpet in the living room, dining room

The living room is one of the most important living rooms in a house. It is in this same place that families meet, relax or meet friends. Today, kitchens are more and more open to living rooms. It is then necessary to work the living room to bring a relaxed atmosphere and turned to the conviviality. What could be better than a central carpet to give rhythm to the volume and delimit certain spaces?

Whether they are plain or patterned, the cement tile carpet in a living room will give character to your interior. For a large living room, we can advise large patterns on 4 tiles. We like to centralize a carpet at the level of the sofas and the television to mark the place where we will find.

Aménager un tapis en carreaux de ciment

Cement tiles as carpet in the kitchen

In a kitchen, a carpet can be arranged around a central island or as a border for shelves and large columns.

A patterned rug in a bedroom

In a bedroom, a carpet can appear under the bed or at the foot of the bed.

Our teams of specialists at Cimenterie de la Tour are available to assist you in your carpet design projects, whether in an entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom.

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