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Zoom on the Japandi trend

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Interiors with a bohemian chic atmosphere or following the farm living trend have invaded our news feeds in recent months and even years. What if we move away from these codes and move towards an atmosphere combining well-being, lifestyle and minimalism with my Japandi trend? Yes, the Japandi style is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Minimalism remains the key word for both types of design, enhanced with natural materials, clean lines and ecological approaches.

Zoom sur la tendance Japandi

Floor and wall tiles at Carrelage de la Tour

How to adopt Japandi inside?

For a Japandi interior, there are several steps to take. The first one consists in minimizing the decoration of its interior. Then, favor natural materials and materials. Finally, move towards a wabi-sabi lifestyle.


To move towards a Japandi approach, on the way to sorting! Indeed, let’s start first by removing knick-knacks, small superfluous accessories and furniture having no real destination. Small discrepancies while keeping the small sentimental objects can still be made!

Zoom sur la tendance Japandi

Wall tiles at Carrelage de la Tour

The Wabi-Sabi

This lifestyle trend emanates from ancient Japanese culture. The word “Wabi” refers to rustic elegance and natural simplicity. The word “Sabi” refers to imperfection. This trend highlights imperfection through its natural beauty to move away from perfectionism.

Thanks to natural materials, materials and colors, the destination to Scandinavian design, Japanese design and Wabi-Sabi is assured. In addition to bringing added value to aesthetics and decoration, they also have the virtues of well-being. Wood treated with natural and organic products, linen, silk, cotton, cotton veil in their natural shade and color range. Color chart of different whites, pastel shades, the choices are multiple!

Ecology also has its place in Wabi-Sabi. Environmental awareness and impact ensure the reuse of furniture, objects necessary for everyday life, by restoring, reusing, diverting them.

Zoom sur la tendance Japandi

Floor tiles at Carrelage de la Tour

Do the cement tiles match Japandi style?

Indeed, cement tiles can be part of a Japandi approach in your interior. They are tiles of material, of natural material moreover with a real know-how. Placed on the floor, wall or credenza, the whole thing will be to play on natural colors as well as minimalist, pure and graphic patterns.

It is possible to dress your floor or wall with plain tiles decorated with a few patterned tiles.

Zoom sur la tendance Japandi

Cement tile 20x20cm U65 – Light linen

Zoom sur la tendance Japandi

Cement tile U12 – antique grey

The total pattern can also go if the codes.

What other coverings can be installed?

Many materials and coatings can suit the Japandi style, approach and ethics. In neutral shades, real zelliges can be used to cover a credenza or a section of wall. The porcelain stoneware tiles, rather in a large format to avoid the multitude of joints and thus the graphic pattern, in stone tones, greiges or beiges also correspond to the desired ambiance. The plain mosaic made of recycled glass paste also meets this atmosphere.

Zoom sur la tendance Japandi

Wall tiles at Carrelage de la Tour

For any information, our Cimenterie de la Tour team is available to assist you in your landscaping and decoration projects.

Do not hesitate to consult our website Carrelage de Tour.

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