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What to match cement tiles with ?

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Cement tiles are a material tile that goes beyond the trend. Indeed, in different interior styles for many years, cement tiles adapt to many atmospheres and blend with a large number of materials. Find the advice of the specialist Cimenterie de la Tour, manufacturer of cement tiles since 1932, when it comes to the design and decoration of your rooms with these authentic tiles.

Avec quoi marier les carreaux de ciment ?

In an old apartment, an old building

The Haussmannian style

In old apartments, mansions or old buildings, carocim are often combined with different noble materials. The Haussmannian style initiated in architecture is also recognizable in decoration thanks to very precise codes. For example, in a living room, they are often found around a fireplace dressed in marble, next to a massive parquet floor laid in herringbone pattern overhung by plaster moldings.

The mansions

In mansions, cement tile is commonly found in the hallway or in technical rooms such as the kitchen. Monochrome, black and white, checkerboard composed with tiles of 20x20cm or octagonal white with black cabochons and married with natural stones such as Montpellier bars.

In a contemporary or modern interior

Avec quoi marier les carreaux de ciment ?

In a contemporary apartment

Cement tiles can also be installed in a contemporary apartment such as a bathroom or kitchen. On the floor as well as on the wall, in credence, in 20x20cm or 10x10cm format, opt for modernized patterns. Our carocim can be combined with a modern tile of large format, concrete effect or natural stone effect. Indeed, play of contrast between the format of the tiles of material 20×20 with square formats like 80X80cm, 100X100cm or 120x120cm.

Find on our website dedicated to porcelain stoneware tiles the different types of effects that can be complementary to cement tiles such as: the concrete effect, the spatulated cement effect, the resin, or the different stone effects.

In a modern detached house

Find among the different ranges of cement tiles, the modern patterns that will dress a house extension, an open kitchen on terrace or a veranda in anthracite gray aluminum. Play with rectilinear patterns, trendy shades such as khaki, green-gray, midnight blue or monochrome to bring authenticity to the modern style in the different materials.

Avec quoi marier les carreaux de ciment ?

Cement tiles in a bathroom

Rediscover the retro style

With the mosaic tesserae of square, hexagonal or round, on the floor or walls, dress your bathroom credenza with our authentic tiles. Find on our website Carrelage de la Tour our different ranges of mosaic.

A modernized bathroom

Our team of specialists at Cimenterie de la Tour is available to assist you with your interior design and decoration projects. To get inspired, find our achievements on our website or on our Pinterest.

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