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What are handmade tiles?

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In recent years, the trend has been towards natural materials, raw materials, know-how and authenticity.  This trend has led to a real awareness about the consideration of know-how and handcrafted pieces. At the level of coverings, handmade tiles represent all types of handmade tiles, whether they are dedicated to a floor installation, whether wall tiles or mosaics.

Les carreaux artisanaux, quels sont-ils ?

Traditional cement tiles

Real cement tile, handmade, requires real know-how. Composed of a cement base and a tinted cement pattern, it is a tile of material, porous, pressed and dried. Its style and elegance brings a real character to a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room or an extension.

Because of their porosity, cement tiles need to be protected. Indeed, after installation (see installation guide), a treatment is necessary. This treatment takes place in several stages:

  • Cleaning, which consists in removing the stains called laitance that appear after installation.
  • Oil and water repellent to protect your tiles from the daily hazards of life.
  • The optional wax, which gives your tiles that satin look.

Layed on the floor or on the wall, cement tiles are real authentic pieces that will allow you to create a personalized and trendy design!

Les carreaux artisanaux, quels sont-ils ?


Zelliges are colored tiles thanks to their enamel. The latter also gives them this shiny aspect. The zelliges are generally 10x10cm but also exist in rectangular format, scale or leaf for example. Made in a traditional way, the zelliges are first fired naturally. Then, the tile is glazed and passed a second time in the oven. It is then shaped by hand using specific tools.

The real zellij are generally placed on the wall. They bring to your pieces a real authenticity as well as character. Thanks to the wide choice of available colors, your zelliges will always find their place whether in a bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room or bedroom.

Les carreaux artisanaux, quels sont-ils ?


The azulejos are handcrafted pieces from Mexico, Portugal or Spain. These tiles are made of glazed terracotta and decorated by hand. They can be placed on the wall inside or outside, and are perfect for use as a credenza or kitchen worktop, on a bathroom wall or on a facade.

Les carreaux artisanaux, quels sont-ils ?


Terracotta also returns to the forefront. Numerous formats as well as the wide choice of shades will complete your ambience. Indeed, in addition to the iconic tomette, terracotta will allow you to work on an original and trendy layout, halfway between the bohemian, contemporary and eclectic style.

Just like cement tile, terracotta needs to be protected. After installation, a treatment within 25 to 30 days must be carried out: cleaning and protection.

Les carreaux artisanaux, quels sont-ils ?


The small mosaic tiles are called tesserae. They are made from various materials such as glass, stone, terracotta or ceramic. These tesserae are then shaped to form a graphic pattern or design. The trend has revived the taste of the day mosaic, with patterns, shapes and vintage colors. A mosaic goes perfectly with parquet, waxed concrete or stone effect tiles whether it is unicolor, multicolored, composed of tesserae of square, hexagonal or round.

The mosaic requires a certain know-how in terms of installation. Indeed, the cutting also involves specific tools such as the mosaic pliers for glass paste tesserae. To lay mosaic, it is very important to prepare the support and choose the right joints for the purpose of the piece.

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