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Tile imitation cement tile

By 7 March 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

Today very trendy, imitations cement tiles have arrived in our interiors. They are ideal for vinyl floors, laminates or porcelain tiles. We even find these imitations of cement tiles on textiles such as curtains from Leroy Merlin, tablecloths or cushions from Saint-Maclou.

Choose tiles imitation cement tiles

The imitations of tile cement tiles will have the advantage of being able to be installed in showers or outdoors. This is not the case for real cement tiles. Tiles aspects tiles cement will clean in the way you want. Indeed, the porcelain stoneware is rotproof, being cooked in ovens. Many patterns of mosaic tiles are used on cement tiles.

Classic cement tile effect tile

Also, for a traditional and old side, it is possible to mix imitations cement tiles united with colored patterns or not. There are also borders to create a carpet and accentuate the old decoration of your home. At Decoceram we have seen accessories to implement your renovation or construction project.

Modern cement tile patterns on tiled floor

Fashionable, geometric shapes or 3D effect enter our homes and offer dynamics to your floors and walls. As for real carocim, we find 3D cubic patterns in black and white or in color, lines, checkers or destructured patterns.

Lay cement tiles’ tiles outside

There are tiles imitating the mosaic tile suitable for indoors and outdoors. Discover the different possibilities.

Cement tile effect tile for a terrace

The terrace is a friendly place where we meet up with family or friends. It’s summer that we enjoy the most so why not choose a pretty colorful imitation? It will be necessary to find a range has a classification at least R10 so as not to slip as soon as a heavy rain arises. Choosing a colorful tile will also allow you to give a warm atmosphere to your terrace in rainy weather or in the winter season.

Choose a cement tile look tile for a pool outline

The pool is a place of relaxation, laughter and play for some. We like the pool beach to be dressed with a nice floor covering and accessories related to this decoration. For this, some tile manufacturers have come out of R11’s range of anti-slip tiles with patterns, plain and borders. We advise you not to choose too light colors to avoid being dazzled by the sun or too dark to prevent the soil from storing heat.

Lastly, Les Carrelages proposes you its range of porcelain stoneware tile tiles.

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