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The return of the 70s

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

This year, the decoration of the 70s comes back in our interiors to offer a bright and warm decoration. Cement Tiles Co Uk gives you his advice for carrying out your development project.

An interior decoration full of life

The night blue, the orange, the yellow … characteristic colors of the 70s that preach audacity and liberation. These shades will give pep to your interiors and recall the disco years. Whether on furniture, floor and wall coverings, accessories or paintings, all ideas are good to accent this retro decor. Discover the seventies trends for the year 2020.

orange and modern cement tiles

Power of flower!

The flowers are life, love, hope, freedom … In the 70s, flower patterns were everywhere. Whether on our clothes, on textiles, on furniture, on tapestries … All places are good for adding flower patterns. To stay still in a modernized seventies decoration, we advise you to add sparingly!

yellow and green cement tiles

Rounded shapes

The latest styles of industrial and Scandinavian deco advocated minimalism and graphics. With the seventies style, we highlight the rounded shapes on furniture, sofas or accessories. This brings a less strict and more open rendering. A little advice, do not limit yourself in adding accessories, this will bring a living side to your living rooms.

round cement tiles

Cement tiles

This is the product to have when you want to arrange your living rooms with a seventies style. Indeed, cement tiles with floral patterns are the ideal elements to perfect your decor. We forget the interior flooded with gray and we start on the colors orange, green, blue, yellow and terracotta. This will give character and warmth to your interiors. Finally, the rounded models M0252, M1164 and M3190 will fit well in your kitchens, bathrooms, halls or even lounges.

flower blue and green cement tiles

Velvet is back

This is the star material of the 70s! Often used on armchairs, sofas or curtains, velvet offers a satiny and elegant look. Many colors exist to associate with your paintings, carpets or furniture. Small decorating tip: choose the color of your furniture according to one of the colors used in your Carocim.

modern and seventies blue cement tiles

Architect : FRANCOIS COMBAUD – Copyright Hôtel Saint-Clair

You want to renovate or build a room with a seventies decoration? Discover our cement tiles with patterns and colors of the 70s. Cement Tiles Co Uk advises you in the choice and layout of your materials.

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