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The origin of terracotta

Terracotta is a process that comes from ceramics. It is a process of cooking clay.
Like cement tile, terra cotta is a material that is porous. Unlike porcelain stoneware and earthenware which are materials fired at high temperature. Terracotta saw its appearance around the 4th millennium BC. You can find sculptures, plates, pots and even terracotta decoration. Terracotta has traveled through the centuries to find a very important place in the works of man. Terracotta is a very Mediterranean product that is easily found in the south of France and Spain.

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Or terracotta is used.

Terracotta is often used as a coating for the arrangement of floors and walls but also for decoration. Mainly used as a material for the manufacture of tiles and bricks, terracotta reached its peak after the industrial revolution. It has even become one of the main materials used in construction. Today’s building essentials are made of terracotta. Indeed, the tiles are made of terracotta. Strong, resistant to temperature differences and bad weather. Another place where you will find a lot of terracotta is on the ground, in hexagonal form. This product, also called tomette, is a must in interior design. It is often found in old buildings or farmhouses because it brings real authenticity.

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Currently terracotta

Terracotta is now back in the spotlight. Indeed, its inimitable style, its warm and authentic side brings a lot of character to the layout of the home and your interiors.
We will find some in the kitchen backsplash, in the form of briquettes, to remind us of kitchens as well, but also in the form of thicker brick as a decorative wall. We will also find this artisanal and authentic side through very original formats such as the diamond format, the fish scale, the triangle and the hexagonal. The hexagonal format, also called tomette, is a must in interior design. Today, terracotta tiles are even available in porcelain stoneware and cement tile. Terracotta is even available in tiling in a non-slip version for landscaping exteriors and swimming pool contours. A very original way to add character, while maintaining standards and ease of maintenance.

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La Cimenterie de la Tour offers a wide range of terracotta. Come and discover all these novelties in one of our two showrooms. We will advise you according to your tastes and desires. We will research and find the facing, the briquette, the terracotta or the terracotta tile that will go perfectly with your projects. Whether it’s a renovation or a construction, we will find the terracotta cladding that will make your project unique.

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