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The real zelliges

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Zelliges belong to the category of ceramic tiles. These are small tiles of dimensions 10x10cm handcrafted. Their main characteristics result in their format, their brilliant enameling as well as their vibrant colors. Made by hand, the zelliges bring an authentic, artisanal and unique aspect to a room. Often in the form of a splashback and earthenware, these small original tiles can also be used as a floor covering.

How to recognize real zelliges?

Where can we find zelliges?

Zelliges historically represent major pieces of Moorish or Andalusian architecture. Geometrically arranged, the zelliges initially form colored patterns with the appearance of mosaics.

Today, the real zelliges appear in the bathrooms or the powder rooms as well as in the kitchen splashback. However, a true trend in recent years, zelliges are also found as decorative wall covering in a living room, a living room, a dining room. These small tiles are also major pieces of decoration in restaurants, bars or cafes.

On the walls as on the floor, adopt the authenticity of the zelliges!

Manual manufacture of zelliges

Just like cement tiles, the artisanal manufacture of zelliges is carried out in Morocco. The first step is to mold the clay to obtain the base of the tile. Once calibrated and dry, the resulting tile is fired for the first time.

Then the baked tiles are glazed with the determined colors. To allow these colors to finish, the tiles must be baked a second time. The last step consists in cutting with a hammer the tiles taken out a second time from the oven to finalize their shape.

Zelliges can display both a square shape and geometric shapes to form a solid or multicolored pattern.

The technical guide

The installation of the zelliges

The installation of zelliges is carried out just like the installation of ceramic tiles. Like cement tiles, given the fact that they are handcrafted tiles, it is important to mix the boxes to mix the shades of the zelliges of the different boxes. You can then compose your motif first.

So that you can perfectly dress your walls, note that the zelliges can be cut thanks to a water diamond disc. Indeed, despite the fact that they are very resistant tiles, cutting ceramic tiles is easy with the know-how and the right tools.

Using a flexible paste adhesive, then apply a double sizing. So apply the glue on the surface to be tiled first, then on the back of your tiles. Then position your zelliges edge to edge.

Make the joints using a rubber spatula as well as with a liquid joint cement. Avoid the classic spatula so as not to damage the installed tiles. Once the drying of the cement has started, with a damp sponge, remove the excess to regularize the joints.

The cleaning of the zelliges

The cleaning of the zelliges is carried out as standard. All types of cleaning products, including detergents, can be used. Indeed, the zelliges being glazed tiles, and therefore cooked, they are not porous.

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