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The manufacturing of cement tiles

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

Cement tiles can be put on the ground as on the wall. The standard size of tiles is 20 x 20 cms and the thickness is 17 mm. The weight in the square meter is 33 KG.
The cement tile possesses a colored face about 3 mm mixing a thick liquid of white cement, some marble powder, pigments of colors and some water. He also possesses a middle layer mixing cement and dry sand and finally the base of the tile, called soles consisted of a coat of wet mortar mixing grey, sand-colored cement and gravette on a 13 mm thickness.

Our craftsmen of the workshop Cement works of the Tower prepare tiles cement one by one by respecting the traditional manufacturing. After a cleaning and a light lubrication of the mold being of use to the realization of the tile, craftsmen put down the divisor which will represent the future motive to be realized. Then, comes the phase of the integration of the colored pigments which are injected in every alveolus of the divisor. It is a crucial stage because no drop of colors has to find itself in another part of the divisor otherwise the tile is to be redone. Once this stage was ended, the craftsman has to remove the divisor in the purpose that the various colors come into contact without mixing. It is necessary to be particularly accurate for this operation. And finally, the craftsman is going to fill the mold of wet mortar before closing the tile with a very heavy lid and pressing it in the hydraulic press subjected to a pressure from 100 KG to the cm ².

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