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The "hiving" style in interior decoration

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

 The “hiving” decoration comes from the “cocooning” style and gives a cocoon and cozy atmosphere to the living rooms. This “cocoon” decoration came during the upheaval of the company in the 1980s due to the increase in prices or the decline in purchasing power. As to protect themselves from the outside world, the families lived in a reassuring and warm atmosphere. The house is therefore more than ever synonymous with refuge.

The word “hiving” means “hive” in English. The hive is also a place of refuge but also a place of exchange with the outside world. As for the “cocooning” decoration, the family is welded and takes refuge at home when she needs it, in a calm and reassuring, soft place. However, she is also connected to the outside world to create a social bond with other people and does not hesitate to bring these people home to enjoy a good time of conviviality.

The advent of meetings of presentations and fittings of products such as candles or dishes cooked in thermomix are integral parts of a life “hiving”. The layout of the house is done in a way that brings people closer together. Indeed, we now find more and more kitchen open on the living room and dining room to always continue to exchange with others. The materials used are as warm as wool for a plaid and the colors are neutral and soft as beige.

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