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The colors of cement tiles

By 7 March 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

When we say cement tile, we all think in the first place of patterned tiles but we must not forget that a pattern is an assortment of colors that can be spread over the entire surface of the tile.

At La Cimenterie de la Tour, we offer a choice of 72 different colors including 36 colors in stock and 36 colors on order.

How to arrange your tiles differently?

Rather than make an entire floor in the same color, it is possible to give free rein to your creation to give a different look to your room. Different means of arrangement are possible.

plain cement tiles
The Damier

Create a checkerboard to alternate colors. We have all seen at least once these kitchens with a black and white checkerboard floor that gives an American style to the room. With real carocim, it’s also possible. For example, for a bathroom, you could marry blue like duck blue and white (U8).


Mix more than 2 colors and create a patchwork for example with a gradient of color not to get too abrupt separations. This year, we find the gray among the trend colors, so we can very well imagine the use of colors U11 gray, U32 anthracite gray and U12 gray old which could bring a touch of modernity to your room while keeping one side sober in the hues of colors.

Tiles united to the wall, grounds on the ground

Rather than just putting cement tiles together, why not combine them with patterns. This would give hiding to the room in question and the colors are not too loaded by too much use of the reasons. Cement tiles can be placed on both floors and walls so it is quite possible to put grounds on the ground and tiles united to the walls or vice versa.


It is possible to make a compromise and use the mosaic tiles united only for the borders which would simulate a carpet on the ground or to avoid having to cut a pattern at the wall. At Leroy Merlin, we found vinyl carpets that mimic cement tiles.

Do you want to renovate or build a room and install plain mosaic tiles? Discover our color collections.





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