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The cactus trend

By 7 March 2023November 13th, 2023No Comments

Whether colorful or not, big or small, true or false … the cactus is found in every corner of the house to create a natural atmosphere. It can be placed on a window sill, in a big terracotta pot on a terrace, in a little pot in the kitchen … The cactus can be everywhere. But that’s not all, with this trend, we find it also on accessories such as cushions, wallpapers or on a candle. Also, tiling and cement tiles with cactus motifs exist.

Put tiles in a house in nature style

Are you in love with nature but you do not have a green thumb? The cactus is an ideal plant for you because it needs water only every 15 days. Also, it will be possible to choose a flooring or wall with plant or floral motifs to remind nature. Today there is a need to go back to basics, to focus on the essentials and reconnect with the world around us. This trend is particularly appreciated by lovers of decoration. The M1381 pattern is a perfect example to bring a living style to your interiors.

Floral cement tiles

These are the floral motifs that will accentuate the most your nature decoration. They can also be associated with plain in shades of green to remind the trees but also in warmer colors like pink to remind flowers. It is advisable to combine these two types of carocim on the floor and wall to create a contrast.

Feel free to visit our two showrooms in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès to discover our collections of mosaic tiles in nature style.

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