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The blue to dress your inside!

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

In interior design, the blue is a color which will bring some freshness to your rooms to be lived. Of the midnight blue, the sky blue, of turquoise, of the blue grey to be chosen according to the desired atmosphere. The blue being a cold color, it will be necessary to choose its tint according to the room and to the exhibition of the room in the light. For a room, in particular baby’s room, a grey blue is to be favored because it is a relaxing / soothing color. For a stay, adopt a paint on a section of wall in midnight blue one displayed in the face of a plate glass window for example. The association of a midnight blue with the canary yellow color for example will give some charm and some design to the room.For a bathroom, an attention not to use too much a sky blue not to fall in the image of the municipal swimming pool to mosaic blue. To play with various tints of blue will offer an elegant inside.

Find all tiles in bluish tints to make your trendy ground!

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