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The 2021 cement tile trend

By 7 March 2023September 27th, 2023No Comments

Cement tiles bring color, graphics and dynamism to a room. Whether they are placed on the floor or on the walls, these tiles can have different formats and styles. Square, hexagonal, octagonal, 10x10cm or 20x20cm, cement tiles can be adapted to any interior and any type of atmosphere. In parallel with the evolving trend, the cement tile metamorphoses by harmonizing with the different waves of design and decoration. Find the different characteristics of cement tiles that will put them on the front of the stage in this year 2021.

cimenterie de la tour carreau de ciment moderne tendance bicolor graphique M1825

Geometric pattern M1825 White U8 and Marron Glacé U18

Cement tiles with a two-tone pattern

Thanks to the two-tone pattern, your cement tile will blend in perfectly with the decor of your room! Designing a floor or wall with only two colors guarantees harmony in any room. Add to that the material and authenticity of this tile and you have a decorative touch. Depending on the style you wish to adopt, many possibilities are available to you!

cimenterie de la tour carreau ciment motif traditionnel bicolore M1980

Traditional pattern M1980 White U8 and Marron Glacé U18

A traditional pattern revisited

It is possible to keep the traditional aesthetic of a cement tile. Indeed, thanks to its artisanal aspect, its material but also thanks to the traditional patterns, you can still find modernized models thanks to a colorization using only two shades. For surfaces larger than 12m2, you can customize and update the traditional Cimenterie de la Tour patterns. With our library of shades, combine white, light linen with Moss Green, Terracotta, Midnight Blue or Mustard Yellow.

cimenterie de la tour carreau de ciment motif traditionnel bicolore M0172

Traditional pattern M0172 White U8 and Camel U30

Black and White cement tile

cimenterie de la tour carreau de ciment noir blanc traditionnel contraste M1741

Traditional black and white pattern M1741

The use of black and white is a strong contrast that brings personality and character to a room. Whether in a bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, black and white cement tile will be the decorative element that makes all the difference. This contrast can be found in both traditional and modern tile patterns. For a room with character, dare to use black and white thanks to the different models available! Play with minimalism in terms of furniture and decorative accessories!

cimenterie de la tour carreau de ciment noir blanc feuille palmier moderne tendance M0810

Modern black and white pattern M0810

The small unique pattern

The small unique pattern is becoming more and more popular on cement tiles. Among the different ranges of tiles with a small single pattern, you can find the small centered star or the Plus collection by Piergil Fourquié. The advantage of the minimalism of these patterns is that they allow for original layout by combining them with plain tiles, creating a graphic pattern or playing with the direction of installation.

cimenterie de la tour carreau de ciment petit motif unique etoile M3081

Small unique black and white star pattern M3081

For any renovation, design and decoration project, do not hesitate to contact our teams at Cimenterie de la Tour. We are available to advise you and accompany you in your cement tile installation process.

Visit our website Carrelage de la Tour to find the different ranges of porcelain stoneware tiles for interior and exterior design and terraces.


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