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Tattoos associated with cement tile

By 7 March 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

We made the discovery of Enigma Geometricks, an artist doing graphic / geometric tattoos. Born in 1984, this young painter comes from street art and is from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
This art can be connected to that of the cement tiles which today wants to be more and more graphic to enter a contemporary universe. In his works, we also find spirituality.

Cement tile patterns on tattoos

Enigma Geometricks is one of the current artists whose style is sought after by people who want stylized tattoos. The artist is inspired by many motifs that they find either in tiles, Japanese motifs, street art or mandala drawings. He created beforehand his drawings to reproduce them on the skin.

This art requires patience and time as for the creation of a pattern of cement tiles to obtain an accurate rendering. We loved his research and his work

In love with tattooing, street art or simply graphic design, do not hesitate to visit him on his Facebook page

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