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Paint your ceilings, it’s trendy

By 7 March 2023No Comments

Last year, we experienced a craze for ceilings painted in color instead of classic white. This year, the trend continues to offer original and creative pieces.

Depending on the tone chosen for your ceiling, this will reduce or increase the impression of height of the walls and this without work.

Take the example of a corridor that serves rooms whose walls are yellow. It will be interesting to paint your ceiling because when the doors of the rooms are open, this will create a beautiful harmony. For example on Pinterest, we liked a lot:

Choose the color of its ceiling according to its cement tile

For rooms that have a cement tile floor, we usually take a little touch of color in the floor and paint one or more walls with this color. It will be interesting and original to take a touch of color of your cement tile by placing it on the ceiling. Of course, if your room is very dark, a light color will be appreciable.

But also, it is possible to have a completely neutral floor and walls and to match the color of your ceiling with your furniture or accessories.

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