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Lay cement tiles in a modern house

By 7 March 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

The first cement tiles appeared in the 1850s in France and Belgium. It is at the end of the 19th century that they will appear all over Europe. We know that the first cement tiles included floral motifs for the most part and with warm colors such as yellow, ocher or brick red. Today, the minimalist style and geometry are put forward. Indeed, the cement tile is redesigned to propose contemporary patterns.

Cement tiles in a contemporary house

The contemporary style promotes elegance, design, geometry and clean forms. The colors of the house are neutral enough to leave room for accessories, paintings or more colorful floors.

Cement tiles in a modern kitchen

First of all, we know that cement tiles are mainly placed on kitchen floors. Today, there is a trend, it is the development of a credence with grounds of cement tiles. Whether they are plain, patchwork or with a single motif, all possibilities are good to decorate your credence. Indeed, the credence is to think, it is often the first thing that we see when we enter a kitchen. If you want a modern kitchen, we recommend geometric cement tiles such as the M3081. The small stars will bring a modern side and its black color will give a loft and industrial atmosphere.

modern cement tiles

Cement tiles in an entrance

First, the entrance is the first room we see in a house. It will be necessary that it is well arrange according to the style of decoration of your house.

If you want to bring a trendy style, avoid the borders that accentuate an old style. Several possibilities of installation are available to you. On the one hand, we advise you to leave on timeless black and white patterns such as the M1902 and work on colorful paintings on the walls. On the other hand, we advise you to mix several geometric patterns. Finally, it will be possible to put a very colorful geometric cement tile such as the M3150. The rest of the house should not be too busy in color.

Contemporary formats of cement tiles

The square cement tile is well known in 20 x 20 cm or 15 x 15 cm. Today, the trend is in hexagonal format in 20 cm. We love patchworks but also hexagonal patterns such as the H20M0100. Also, we know that the trend is large format. For this, we advise you to start on patterns that are formed on 40 cm such as the M3011 which with its dual dynamics will give an industrial rendering.

green and modern cement tiles

Mistakes not to commit for a contemporary home

The decoration of a house is to think in its entirety. Cement tiles are products that bring an original and personalized touch to your floors and walls. Be careful not to put any in your home, you may end up in an old decoration. For example, if you work the floor of your kitchen in patterns, it will be preferred to cement tiles united for the credence. If your stay is open on the kitchen, a little reminder of the pattern could be interesting, for example under a wood stove.

geometric cement tile

Do you want to modernize your house with cement tiles? Discover our collection of geometric and modern cement tiles in our two showrooms located in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès.

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