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Lagom: a Swedish lifestyle trend in 2018

By 7 March 2023No Comments

This summer, Lagom arrives in our interiors to offer spaces that promotes respect for the environment and well-being. This art of living offers a zen atmosphere with simplicity and minimalism thanks to natural materials such as wood or stone and light colors … Fine and practical furniture, soft paintings, recovered accessories …. This responsible decoration meets the new consumer needs that promote balance, nature and the simple pleasures of life.

Lagom style with cement tiles

It is possible to choose mosaic tiles with old patterns to be in harmony with this style of decoration. Indeed, floral patterns and warm hues are recommended. These are the types of tiles that we found in old mas.

Laying old cement tiles

Do you want to renew your floors and accentuate your lagom decoration style? We advise you to recover old cement tiles from houses. Not being new, they will accent your decoration and will make recovery.

Côté Maison magazine has published visuals of Scandinavian decoration and cocooning:


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