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La Cimenterie de La Tour revisits the Terrazzo

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The Terrazzo is a tile also made by hand. It mainly consists of cement and sand. Once agglomerated, these two materials reveal, after sanding, small fragments of natural stones or colored marble. Part of the oldest floors, the terrazzo is once again on the front of the stage, modernized and reworked. Put in a contemporary or modern decor, it brings a vintage touch while allowing a harmony of the colors of a room or a space.

La Cimenterie de La Tour revisits the Terrazzo

GU1 Pink

The authentic granito plain

United granitos can display two types of color. They can be tinted at the base or tinted by visible chips.

  • A tint directly in the cement (Above pink tinted cement and brown tinted sand)
  • A shade by sand (Below white cement with pink sand)
  • Like cement tiles, plain granitos bring a vintage dimension that goes perfectly with both the contemporary and the modern.
La Cimenterie de La Tour revisits the Terrazzo

GU8 White

The prestigious terrazzo with shards of glass and marble

La Cimenterie de La Tour revisits the terrazzo and offers more contemporary models. Through the use of real glass shards or marble shards, terrazzo tiles are revisited, and that is not to displease us.

Always on the same principle as for plain terrazzo tiles, the cement base remains tinted or not. The same goes for the shades of sand as well as for the choice of shards of glass or marble.


La Cimenterie de La Tour revisits the Terrazzo


The original patterned granitos

The granitos models can also be dressed in cement tile patterns. Indeed, despite the fact that the terrazzo tile is thicker and that it uses additional techniques during production (sanding for example), the divider used remains the same, however. The only difference lies in the composition of the material as well as in the sanding. The terrazzo needs to be sanded to have this appearance.


La Cimenterie de La Tour revisits the Terrazzo

Terrazzo on ciment pattern M1301


Thanks to our different collections, the terrazzo will allow you to personalize your floor according to different styles or different atmospheres. Whether for an interior with a contemporary style or a renovation combining new and existing, the terrazzo will be able to respond perfectly to different expectations.

Do you have a renovation or construction project with terrazzo ? Come and discover our different terrazzo collections in our two showrooms in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any quote request here

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By La Cimenterie de La Tour

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