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Cement tiles in a hall, a cement tile in a living room or in a bathroom …. Cement tile is a trend and we find it everywhere! Do not forget the kitchen which is a must in a house. Place of life, sharing but also relaxing, we find ourselves with our family or friends. Whether on the floor of your kitchen or on the wall, cement tiles will bring dynamism and originality to your kitchen.

Cement tiles on the floor of your kitchen

Whether plain or patterned, cement tiles have always been seen on kitchen floors. In the old style, hexagonal tiles and yellow and red floral motifs were favored. We like cement tiles for their small size and their colors.

An example of old cement tiles laid on the floor of a kitchen

Cement tile M0410: with interwoven patterns and hue of sky blue and gray, it w bring an old side to your kitchen floor.

kitchen cement tiles

Cement tile on your credenza kitchen

Did you put a kitchen floor in cement tiles? Today, you have to think about choosing the walls of your credence. Several options are available to you. There is no rule with cement tiles. You can make mixes of patterns of cement tiles, a single pattern or the uni … A format hexagonal, square, octagon …. We give you some tips for arranging your kitchen with mosaic tiles according to your interior design style.

Cement tiles for a kitchen according to the style of interior decoration

Cement tiles for a classic kitchen

Previously, we liked to put different cement tiles on the rooms of the house. On the same piece, it was even possible to see more than one motif. In this photo, we see that the living room and the dining room are working with plain and dotted patterns. In the background on the kitchen, he was laid a carpet with different patterns. This arrangement of cement tiles will give an old and classic decoration.

classic kitchen in cement tiles

Examples of cement tiles for a classic kitchen

The yellow and red cement tile M0072: for a bright, Provencal and dynamic side. He will perfectly imagine on kitchen floors of Provencal houses. But also, he will imagine in homes in the north to bring warmth and light.

old cement tiles for kitchen


Cement tiles for a modern kitchen

Today, cement tile is a real asset for decoration. Its patterns and shapes make it an indispensable element for any original decoration and bringing cachet. In the kitchen, there are several possibilities for laying cement tiles in a modern style. Cimenterie de la Tour offers its collections of geometric or modern cement tiles.

Examples of cement tiles for a contemporary kitchen

Pattern M0031: because of its trompe-l’oeil motifs and its green color, it is part of modern cement tiles. Also, we like it for its 3D effect and its anthracite gray color that will give character to your kitchen floor. It is particularly appreciated for an industrial kitchen decoration or retro.

modern cement tiles kitchen


Cement tile hex H20M073: If you want a modern format and colorful and flashy hues, this hexagon is for you. Indeed, it brings light, punch and originality to your floor. Its duck blue color associated with yellow is trendy.

hexagon cement tiles kitchen


Cement tiles for a country kitchen

From now on, we leave totally modern or classic houses to arrive at a more natural side. Indeed, it is the country style that will bring a reassuring and natural atmosphere.

Examples of cement tiles for a country style kitchen

The M1384 jungle cement tile: this pattern will give the impression of a totally natural ground. Indeed, its pastel shades and its pattern will set the tone and allow you to have fun with a more colorful decoration. It is advisable to position wooden kitchen furniture to match this pattern.

nature kitchen in cement tiles


Cement tiles for a vintage kitchen

The vintage decoration is an interior decoration style that proposes to place old objects in a rather modern house.

Examples of cement tiles for a vintage kitchen

Cement tile M0411: its patterns will recall classic cement tiles and its yellow color will marry well with a modern kitchen. Note that it is to ask on small surfaces because its reasons are very charged.

kitchen floor in cement tiles

Do you want to remodel your kitchen? Do you want a modern style? Classic? Retro? Cimenterie de la Tour invites you to discover all of its cement tiles according to the desired style. If you have a problem with the maintenance, we advise you to discover our cement tiles effect tiles in our two showrooms in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès near Montpellier.

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