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Industrial style cement tile

By 7 March 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

In this year 2019, the industrial style is once again honored with the trendy dark colors or in large loft style space. It is possible to mix cement tiles and industrial decor for the pleasure of the eyes.

What is the industrial style?

The industrial style mixes raw materials, furniture borrowed from the working world and sober colors. We find in particular robust furniture in wood or metal. We often find this furniture accompanied by a decoration with apparent machinery in loft or other buildings with large spaces but that does not prevent to decorate smaller pieces in this style.

So how to mix the world of cement tile with that of the working world?

The uni will be your friend

Black cement tile

In order to avoid any lack of taste with the industrial style, we recommend that you choose dark colored plain cement tiles such as the U32 anthracite gray tile which is available in stock or the U27 dark gray tile also present in our stocks.

The clear united

It is not mandatory either to choose dark cement tiles, we can very well find clear industrial decorations. For example, U8 plain white tiles match most of your room layouts.

Mix plain cement tiles

You also have the possibility to mix the colors to obtain a more successful effect. For example you can mix the anthracite gray tile previously seen with either white to stay in classic tones or with brick brown U111 (only available on order) which would recall the color of the small industrial bricks that can be found very often in this type of decoration. At Leroy Merlin, you can also find paintings to mix with plain cement tiles that can perfect your industrial style.

For the reasons you will bloom

If you do not want to use plain cement tiles you can still go to patterned tiles. In the industrial category, we can offer the tile M1390 associated with the border B0041 or so to get a touch more colorful, we also have the model M0083 associated with the border B0172 which, on a small surface, can give the effect of ‘a rug that will marry well with an industrial type interior decoration.

industrial cement tiles
Cement tiles patchwork you will dare …

Beyond simply using plain cement tiles or patterned tiles, it is possible to mix the two to create a patchwork of cement tiles. Always respecting sober tones, the cement tiles proposed by the manufacturer Cement Tiles Co Uk can allow you to give free rein to your imagination thanks to more than 400 references of tiles.

hexagonal cement tiles patchwork on a kitchen floor

To go even further in the creation of your industrial decor, you have the opportunity to combine these real cement tiles with brick imitations that you can discover in our stores Les Carrelages on Lavérune and Saint-Aunès or on the dedicated website.

If however you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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