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How to have cement tiles as decorative elements?

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

You love cement tiles, their authentic and aesthetic appearance but do not plan any renovation work and even less to move … This is a problem that does not allow your interior to accommodate these pretty pieces so trendy!

We often see these cement tiles placed on the floors of old buildings, renovated downtown apartments. They allow to keep a vintage spirit in a universe brought up to date. Between modern and vintage, harmony operates! Find this harmony at home, even if you don’t use them on the ground. Cement tiles can be diverted, between credenza and decorative elements, multiple solutions are available to you.

Cement tile splashback

In the kitchen, the bathroom or any other room with a worktop, it is possible to install a splashback in cement tiles. The different categories of patterns will allow them to adapt to any type of atmosphere. The tiles whatever they are, graphic, contemporary, Belle Epoque, will always confer their authentic aspect.

Cement tiles underneath dishes

Real table decoration, they can bring a colorful and vitamin touch to a table decoration. No more tablecloths loaded with patterns, goodbye to cork or wood benches. Thanks to cement tiles, you can afford a wide choice that will always match the circumstances.

Cement tiles DIY: A graphic wall decoration

Many designs require four tiles to be complete. They can be glued on a frame or on a type of frame intended to be hung on the wall. Let your creativity speak!

DIY: A coffee table tray in cement tiles

You can also create your own coffee table with a tray decorated with cement tiles. Why not get started?

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