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Granito / Terrazzo gets a makeover

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A Granito tile (also called Terrazzo tile) is a 20x20cm tile that is produced by hand, in an artisanal way thanks to the mixture of sand and cement. Despite the fact that it is one of the oldest floor coverings, the Granito has been seen for a few years as a real trend. Revisited, modernized, the Granito is now one of the most sophisticated floor and wall tiles in terms of decoration. These tiles can be used for renovation purposes as for modern buildings according to the harmony worked.

GU36 Vert mousse

The real Granitos

The real Granito, due to its manufacture, can be divided into two families. It is designed thanks to the agglomeration of cement and sand. As a result, a terrazzo tile can be tinted with cement and / or sand. The family of Granitos tinted by cement includes all the tiles whose base is tinted. They therefore have a granite background color. As for the family of Granitos tinted by sand, the cement is white, so the base of the tile is white, and the color of the sand brings a granite which nuances the tile.

 La Cimenterie de La Tour revisite le Granito

GU8 Blanc

The granitos models can also be dressed in cement tile patterns. Indeed, despite the fact that the terrazzo tile is thicker and that it uses additional techniques during production (sanding for example), the divider used remains the same, however. The only difference lies in the composition of the material as well as in the sanding. The terrazzo needs to be sanded to have this appearance.

The different modernized Granitos

The authentic Granito with bursts of materials

More contemporary models are now offered on the authentic Granito tile market thanks to the use of different materials. For example, the use of real glass shards or marble shards makes it possible to obtain large granites. Granitos tiles are therefore more colorful, bolder and denser.

These tiles are made in the same way as Granitos tiles, only large pieces of material are added. They can therefore have a white base or a tinted base, small more or less colored granites and nuanced bursts.

La Cimenterie de La Tour revisite le Granito


Terrazzo effect tiles

The Granito is also available in tiling to meet different development and decoration projects. Available in different formats and in different finishes, terrazzo tiles are suitable for both renovation and construction. Whether in a contemporary atmosphere, in a modern atmosphere or in a Scandinavian atmosphere, thanks to their minimal appearance, terrazzo tiles will adapt perfectly to your interior.

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