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Geometric cement tiles

By 7 March 2023September 27th, 2023No Comments

Today trends, cement tiles arrive in our interiors to offer an original decoration. Indeed, there is a multitude of patterns and colors that can be posed differently. The trend today is to geometric and graphic forms. Indeed, geometric cement tiles can be imagined on floors or walls. To continue in wall, they replace a classic faience and gives a modern and contemporary look while keeping a traditional handmade product. Geometric cement tiles are recommended on the walls of a living room to offer a decoration with character or to replace a tapestry for example.

Trendy cement tiles

Previously, cement tile or carocim included floral patterns and warm colors like red and yellow. Now, cement tiles are designed with graphic shapes and current colors such as gray blue, green or powder pink. Also, the trend is to 3D effect patterns. They bring a contemporary dynamism. It is especially appreciated in small spaces such as in a bathroom or in a hall because their motives are often loaded and therefore for some person tiring for the eye.

Cement tiles by designers

Also, more and more designers are starting to imagine new patterns and new color combinations. Then, the designer Piergil Fourquié who worked alongside Philippe Starck created 3 new ranges of patterned cement tiles. These hydraulic tiles were edited by Cimenterie de la Tour. With these colored cement tiles, we recommend a minimalist decoration. All decoration will be on the floor. It is possible to accessorize your decoration with a painting or textiles such as colorful cushions or curtains.

Finally, there are also cement tile tiles with geometric patterns that can be installed in damp places such as a shower floor. The Carrelages by Cimenterie de la Tour invites you to discover its ranges in its two showrooms.

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