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Ecological painting / bios

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

The eco-friendly paint contains no solvents and is non-toxic to health. Indeed, it is composed of resin of natural origin vegetable or mineral (clay, linseed oil, lime …).
The colored pigments come from mineral pigments extracted from ocher, clay or colored earth. There is no risk of allergy.

Attention, some ecological paintings are not 100% organic. In some cases, petroleum additives can be found which makes it 95% or 98% bios.

The organic paint is washable, which brings a practical side for cleaning the walls. It will be necessary to think of letting your walls dry longer after the passage of the layers of paintings.

The tendency colors in paint are powdered pink, gray blue and khaki green. You can find all our plain or patterned cement tiles in these colors.

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