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Decorative coaching with For Interieur

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For Interieur is an interior decoration consultancy site created by Romain, a true enthusiast. Always on the lookout for the latest trends, he gives you his advice on how to carry out your development projects.

Its site,, offers buying guides, by parts and by furniture, to guide you in the acquisition of furniture and decoration. With the personal experience he wishes to convey, he has implemented decorative coaching solutions.

His team offers 2 formulas: the first of 60 minutes, to guide you in the layout and decoration of one of your rooms, with the help of an experienced interior decorator.

The second, 120 minutes long, ideal for benefiting from the expertise of an interior designer, for thinking or rethinking the layout and decoration of several rooms.

Discover the answers to the problems that our customers have regarding the laying of cement tiles in the different rooms of the house.

Un coaching déco avec For Interieur



The kitchen is a living room where we spend an important time and in which we gather with family or friends. The layout of the latter is to think well so that it is practical and welcoming.

Furnish a modern kitchen

You have opted for a floor with cement tiles but you do not know which furniture to choose according to your style of decoration? Discover the tips for carrying out your project.

Scandinavian style in your kitchen

To choose its materials, in the decoration, we start with the choice of the floor and we go up to the ceiling. First, you will have to choose your cement tile. To be in keeping with the Scandinavian style, geometric shapes and 3D effects are to be preferred. For colors, opt for soft colors such as blue gray, beige or even green water. Several patterns from our collections can match such as the M0151, M0796 or the M0842.

Now you have to look at the choice of furniture! The Scandinavian style advocates minimalism, brightness and respect for the environment. To agree with its principles, your furniture must be clear and made of wood in whole or in part (for example on the worktop). The Scandinavians are fond of oak, pine and beech. On your furniture, it is possible to have parts composed of soft colors and / or with a geometric pattern to accentuate the Scandinavian style.

For the table, opt for a wooden covering. Regarding the chairs, wooden legs and polypropylene backrests colored or not depending on the color of your furniture or the chosen paintings. If you are afraid of getting tired of the color, go on white.

Finally for accessories, add green plants, paintings with geometric or nature drawings.

Un coaching déco avec For Interieur

Industrial kitchen

The industrial decoration is reminiscent of the workshops or factories of yesteryear. Red bricks, metal, concrete and wood are the materials of choice to be in harmony with this decoration.

As with the Scandinavian style, geometric cement tiles and 3D effect are preferred. For colors, opt for black, white and beige.

For your furniture, we advise you to choose wooden and metal elements to remind the robust worktops of the workshops. Namely, that it will be necessary to match your dining table or island to your kitchen furniture to create a harmony. If your kitchen is open to a dining room or living room, it is possible to delimit its rooms with a black glass canopy in the workshop style. For your kitchen splashback, nuanced red briquettes are recommended.

Finally, for the paintings, opt for black and white to give character to your kitchen and thus enhance your decor style.

Do not hesitate to go around the flea markets to find accessories with an industrial style like suspensions with visible wires, wooden and metal benches, storage boxes …

Discover the advice of For Interieur to carry out your renovation or construction of Scandinavian or industrial kitchens and for personalized support, do not hesitate to call on its team of decorators and interior architects to guide you!


Un coaching déco avec For Interieur


The bathroom is an essential room in a house and in which we also spend some time. Being a water feature, it will have to be fitted out with suitable, pleasant materials that provide a real source of relaxation.

Wall coverings to be mixed with a cement tile

You have chosen to put a cement tile on the floor of your bathroom, but how to dress your walls? Here are our tips.

Create harmony with cement tiles on the floor and on the wall

Cement tiles are products of matter, just like stone or parquet. They must be waterproofed and waxed in order to protect them. If you plan to recall your floor on the walls or place another reference, it is possible. On the other hand, for cleaning, it is forbidden to use aggressive products such as bleach, anti-limescale or white vinegar. We advise you to clean them with a neutral pH soap of the Marseille liquid soap type and to maintain the wax, from time to time pass the waxing shampoo from the Cimenterie de la Tour. On the other hand, avoid black soap because it contains linseed oil which could yellow the color of the tile.

Cement tiles and zelliges

Recently, the Cimenterie de la Tour has released new collections of zelliges available in 10 x 10 cm and on order in 5 x 5 cm on plate. Many colors, such as ultramarine blue, gray, black, sparkling red or even bright yellow are available. They can decorate the walls of your bathrooms and even the floor of your shower tray. These tiles are enameled, they will illuminate your room by returning the light. This product goes perfectly with cement tiles: you will find several shades that will charm your surfaces. Like the cement tiles, the tiles are handmade and must not receive aggressive products.

Authentic and timeless metro tiles

Metro tiles are recognizable by their rectangular format and their bevelled surface. Today, metro tiles are revisited to offer an inverted version! Ultra trendy, metro tiles are available in many colors and in different formats 7.5 x 15 cm, 7.5 x 30 cm, 10 x 20 cm or even 10 x 30 cm. Their rectangular format will allow you to break the square shape of your cement tiles on the floor and lengthen your room. To choose your metro tiles, we recommend one of the colors that is used in your floor. On the other hand, if your cement tile is very colorful or very loaded, opt for bright white to create a contrast and illuminate your bathroom. A reminder on your sink can be interesting.

Shiny bricks for a vintage atmosphere

The bricks provide both modern and traditional decoration depending on the decorative elements that you are going to place. Their bumpy finish and imperfect edges will go well with handmade cement tiles. They will give charm and light to your rooms. Several types of poses are possible, such as the horizontal or vertical offset pose for an authentic look or the chevron pose for a modern decoration.

Washable paints

Previously, bathrooms included tiling on all of the walls. Today, for a more modern look, we prefer tiling only on areas in contact with water such as the sink and shower.

Washable paint is a good solution for the exterior walls of your shower / tub. It protects your surfaces and if you don’t like it anymore, you can change it!

For any questions relating to the installation of tiles on the walls of your bathrooms, contact the For Interior team.

Un coaching déco avec For Interieur Un coaching déco avec For Interieur

Installation of cement tiles in the entrance

Cement tiles are products that will brighten up your entry and make it dynamic. Depending on the style sought, you have several options for choosing your model.

A traditional style entry

The best way to create a classic style in your hallway is to mix borders and cement tile patterns. Indeed, this association will create a decorative carpet. To match this decorative style, we offer floral or Belle Epoque patterns reminiscent of those from the 1950s.

Modernize its entrance with cement tiles

When we talk about modern hydraulic tiles, we are referring to geometric patterns or 3D effect. For colors, black and white to give character, blue-gray and verdigris for a reminder of trendy decorations from the north or the terracotta shade to warm up your room.

Un coaching déco avec For Interieur


Solutions to arrange your entrance

Discover the solutions to arrange your entrance to make it functional and pleasant.

Functional and integrated furniture

There is nothing worse than seeing a disturbed and unorganized entrance. It is true that the surface is often small but there are solutions to properly arrange your room.


The first option is to add built-in full-height furniture to store your and your guests’ clothes or to store things.


For small dwellings, it is sometimes difficult to be able to add a library to your home. The idea of ​​positioning one in the entrance is an idea to take. Being open, the library will bring out a decoration by the books but also by small accessories that you can add to its niches. For example, add green plants to bring a living side to your home, candles for a cozy atmosphere or sculptures if you are an art lover.

Benches or seats

Add benches or seats in your hallway to combine aesthetics and practicality. You can use your bench to put your shoes on, to help you put on or take off your things (shoes, coats, etc.) or simply to create a decorative space with accessories.

A well-lit entrance

Light is essential in a house. It can be natural or artificial. The lighting in your entrance should be warm and bright to be able to comb your hair, dress and prepare yourself before going out.

If your entrance does not have a window and is in a dark place, you will have to calculate the power of your lights to avoid over-lighting or under-lighting. A good idea is the placement of different light sources such as pendant lights with different heights in yellow LED light, ceiling lights or even a floor lamp to create plays of light.

If your entry is bright and airy, a ceiling light or a suspension may suffice.

Now you have all the cards in your hands to design your bathrooms, kitchens and halls. For more layout advice, do not hesitate to contact the For Interior team and for the choice of your Cimenterie de la Tour cement tiles.


Un coaching déco avec For Interieur


Un coaching déco avec For Interieur

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