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Find all the trends in planning and decoration for this summer 2020. Between materials, styles of decoration and furniture, adopt the trend and take care of your interior and your exterior!

Handcrafted materials

Handicrafts have been on the scene for some time with their different aspects: the irregularity and the charm of the know-how, responsible consumption and authenticity. Dress the floors, walls and ceilings of your interior with these different materials. Whether it is the cement tile, the zelliges or the azulejos, dare to personalize allowing you harmony and style in your living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and WC.

Cement tiles

For renovation as for construction, the cement tile will meet all styles and harmonies whether it is placed on the wall, credenza or floor. It will bring the touch of authenticity and style thanks to its many patterns.


The zelliges, often presented in 10x10cm format, offer a timeless cachet to your room whether in a kitchen or in a bathroom. They dress your wall and provide a geometric frame while allowing a glimpse of the irregularities and the know-how behind them. Thanks to the different shades of the same shade as well as the enamel they coat, it perfectly transcribes light.


Azulejos are Mexican glazed tiles, often square in shape, decorated with geometric shapes or figurative designs. Indoors and outdoors, the azulejos will give the room or the facade a picturesque graphic touch.

Scandicraft style

The Scandicraft style represents a Scandinavian style with its own forms and materials, combined with artisanal know-how and an ecological conscience. Focused on working with natural materials, human resources as well as non-chemical treatments, the Scandicraft style is endowed with noble furniture highlighting the finishing work. Based on a natural harmony inspired by the colors of our environment, this style combines natural materials such as linen, cotton or leather with fine materials worked with finesse.

Cement tiles in scandicraft style

The cement tiles correspond perfectly to the Scandicraft style both in the production process and in the final rendering of the laid floor. Real tiles of material, cement tiles can now respond to this style of decoration thanks to the wide choice of patterns and colors. Here are the references that would correspond to this style :


The timeless style

The timeless style of decoration and design aims to combine architecture, furniture and decorative accessories from different eras and different artistic movements. We often find this style in Haussmannian type apartments, mansions, or more generally in accommodation in buildings from the 19th – early 20th century. The approach consists in preserving the architectural characteristics of the interiors by furnishing and accessorizing it with modern, vintage and contemporary.

Cement tiles in timeless style

In order to preserve the authenticity and charm of the existing, cement tiles type Belle Epoque or old patterns. Here are the appropriate references :

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