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Decoration trends Autumn Winter 2020

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

Back to school is over, autumn is already here and winter is fast approaching. Find all the trends of this fall-winter 20 that will make your interior cocoon so pleasant and warm. Between materials, shades and materials, harmonize your interior so that it is up to your desires! Find the advices of our team to accompany you in your projects of arrangement and decoration.

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Nature’s spirit, always at the forefront of the scene

Through the spirit of nature, we find tints as well as materials and materials.

Natural shades

Bring light to your different rooms with natural neutral colors. The tones of beige, greige, sand or string … So many shades that you can find on your walls in the form of paint, wallpaper, plaster, tile or cement tiles.

Materials and natural materials

Find the spirit of nature, the Farm Life, thanks to the different natural materials and materials. Dress your floors with tiles of materials such as cement tiles, Bejmat (floor zelliges), terracotta, natural stone. Do not hesitate to turn to cement tile, stone effect or terracotta tiles if technically the installation is not ideal.

In terms of materials, ceramics is always really put forward. Generally speaking, mineral materials are to be preferred in small touches such as decorative accessories, vases, dishes, small objects.

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The timeless and the modern, a true story of harmony

Vintage now has its place in every interior. Whether the architecture that welcomes you is Hausmannian or modern, the antique furniture, cement tiles, wallpaper or vintage details melt into the decor when the harmony operates.

A harmonious atmosphere

To marry different styles such as timeless and modern, it is only a question of chords. You can perfectly mix cement tiles with very modern and minimalist architecture while keeping your color schemes and your ambiance. This dynamic also works for furniture. The trick is to keep this harmony in the shades.

A stay in your image that travels through space and time

Get inspired by decoration from here and elsewhere, design icons, essential materials and new products. Between Berber decorative elements, handmade glazed tiles and tesserae, iconic Scandinavian furniture and modern materials, have an original and harmonious interior.

For example: mix authentic flooring, handcrafted wall coverings, modern architecture, iconic furniture and vintage lighting.

Inspiring bathroom

Combine timeless and modern in your bathroom. From now on, basin furniture materials such as Corian bring a minimalist touch that blends perfectly with the rendering of cement tiles or zelliges. Thanks to the different possibilities in terms of furniture choices, in terms of flooring, walls dare the difference and extravagance in the mix of styles.

Our teams remain available to accompany you in your development and decoration projects.

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