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Decorate your bathroom with cement tile and tiling

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Cement tile, as we know, is a product of matter just like stone and wood. This product is made since the late nineteenth century and dresses mas, old houses or Haussmann apartment.

Cement tile in the bathroom

Cement tile can be installed on all surfaces of the bathroom. It is also possible to mix it with tiling to lighten the decoration or for easier maintenance.

Cement tile on the bathroom’ floor

If you are fond of aggressive products such as bleach, anti-limestone or white vinegar to clean your shower, we advise you to go on porcelain tiles or earthenware for the walls. On the other hand, if you opt for neutral PH products such as Marseille liquid soap for your maintenance, the cement tile can then be very well placed on the floor of your shower tray. We also advise you to maintain it with the colorless natural wax or the waxing shampoo of Cement Tiles Co Uk. See our treatment advices.

Otherwise, it will be possible to place a carocim on the floor outside the shower and work the tray with mosaic. This product is also easy to install because it will adapt to your slopes.

cement tiles lay on a bathroom floor

Cement tiles on walls

As was said before, the cement tile will appreciate on the walls of the bathroom when the maintenance is done with non-aggressive products. On the other hand, to create a rather trendy decoration, other products like earthenware will be appreciated in mix with the tile mosaic. For example, you will work your floor outside the shower with a colorful pattern of cement tiles. For the walls of the interior of the shower, it is preferable to be a tile imitation cement tiles united the same format as your floor. Or, the trend is metro tile and bright white briquette, format 7.5 × 15 cm. In staggered pose, you will create a vintage or traditional style depending on the actual cement tile chosen. By laying straight or mixing formats, you will bring a modern atmosphere to your bathroom. Also, do not forget the real granito or terrazo, they have the same rendering as cement tile but with a granite effect reminiscent of old houses. Do not hesitate to ask us for any advice of installation or planning by sending us your plans.

Then, the flagship product in decoration is today the true zellige. Cement Tiles Co Uk in England offers its new collection available in 10 x 10 cm format. The zellige as the carocim offers different shades on the same color and that will create the charm of your walls. To accessorise your bathroom, we advise you to go to Leroy Merlin or Saint-Maclou. We also saw bathroom accessories at Décoceram.

zellige in england by Cement Tiles Co Uk

Our tips for laying tiles imitation cement tiles

Today very trendy, cement tile provides ease of maintenance. Attention, its rendering is not the same as a real cement tile. To avoid mistakes, never mix a real cement pattern tile and tiles effect cement tiles.

On the other hand, as said before, you could imagine laying a patterned cement tile for example on the floor of your room and putting a cement-colored tiles look like tiles on the walls in contact with water or cleaned with non-compatible products with cement tile.

tiles effect cement tiles in a bathroom

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