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Contemporary architecture in Montpellier

By 7 March 2023No Comments

Over time, Montpellier has become an essential city of modern architecture thanks to artists and architects who left their mark.


This new district is the symbol of relaxation with parks or esplanades that brings a friendly, natural and lively side. Also, it is the symbol of a place of work because it concentrates a dynamic pole where various companies gather. You will find in this neighborhood various green spaces such as my Jardins de la Lironde or Jacques Cœur Basin.
Port Marianne is the symbol of the 21st century urban center and was built with Jean Nouvel, François Fontès, Architecture Studio, Claude Vasconi, André Fainsilber, René Dottelonde and many others …

The Montpellier Town Hall, located at Place Georges Frêche, was invented by Jean Nouvel and François Fontès. This building is placed at the intersectin between the old center and the new neighborhoods of Port Marianne. This building built on the edge of Lez is perceived as the monument that will extend the city to the East.

This neighborhood was designed by Ricardo Bofill and was built in the 80’s on a former military site. The artist Ricardo Bofill wanted to pay tribute to antiquity while bringing a symmetrical side and a game of perspective to the building. A large green space will be visible to recall the architecture of the Mediterranean.

The departmental estate Pierre Vives was designed by the artist Zaha Hadid. The artist wanted all angles of view of the building to be aesthetic. He associated wavy and curved forms, fluid lines or acute features associated with a play of light. We honor the artist Zaha Hadid who succumbed to a heart attack in 2016.

This architecture blends with geometric cement tiles or trendy colors. For an older side, it is possible to reproduce cement tiles.


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