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Paris, capital of France, is the place where the greatest artists, designers or architects who have a taste for interior decoration concentrate. There are many salons to discover the world of decoration such as Paris Deco Off, Art & Decoration or Maison & Objet. In Paris is present a predominantly Haussmann architecture. Indeed, the decoration of the houses is generally done according to this style of decoration. Today, houses and apartments are meant to be more modern while retaining the cachet of ancient architecture. This evolution is particular present in the choices of the cement tiles. Patterns and colors are now thought with current shapes and hues.

Cement tiles’ designs in Paris

Discover the designs of cement tiles for the renovation or construction of your home in Paris.

Choose old cement tiles

At the time, in the Parisian apartments, we find small hexagonal tiles burgundy brick tiles mosaic. These hexagonal carocim are installed in every room of the house. You can discover our plain or patterned hexagonal cement tile collections.

Then, formerly, we found houses where all the rooms of the house included a different cement tile. They were mainly laid in the form of a carpet with a plain, a border and a central motif. Also, the floral patterns were the most requested in warm colors such as burgundy, yellow or green. Discover our range of old hydraulic tiles.

kitchen floor in cement tiles in paris

Reproduction of old cement tiles

Cement Tiles Co Uk proposes to perform the reproduction of ancient soil. Indeed, it is possible to send us your drawings to reproduce cement tiles for a minimum surface of 12 m².

Laying contemporary cement tiles in Paris

Today, we are seeing a trend, these are the geometric patterns. We love them for their 3d-effect or for their many possibilities of installation. The contemporary is also a work on the color of the tile. Trendy colors for 2019 are orange, pink, yellow, rust or green. If you want to install contemporary cement tiles in Paris, several Cement Tiles Co Uk models can be adopted as the M1364 pattern, the M0153 or the M3152.

modern cement tiles in paris

Retro cement tiles

Retro or vintage cement tiles are a mix between old and new. It is possible to find old patterns with current colors like gray blue or vice versa. The geometric pattern M1374 is a good example.

kitchen cement tiles in paris

Cement tiles for a child’s room in Paris

Normally, it is said that soft colors should be chosen for the rooms to bring calm and softness. This is where the opinions are shared. Depending on the profile, the colors have no impact on the quality of your sleep or on yourself.

It will be possible to choose a cement tile for your child’s room according to its character or according to the desired style of decoration. Your child is dynamic and extroverted? Colorful patterns such as the M0M0814 could be interesting. Mustard yellow and night blue and starred, it will be perfect for a girl or a boy. Growing up, these patterns can still be appreciated. Your child is calm and gentle? Opt for pastel-hued patterns such as the H20M0143 to match its character.

Your project with cement tiles is located in Paris or its region? Discover our dealer Tile and Parquet Art.

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