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Cement tiles in night spaces

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Part of the floor and wall coverings of the oldest, cement tiles are much more than a trend. Highlighted in recent seasons, cement tiles are now offered in their prime. In a square shape, the authentic 20x20cm, in a hexagonal shape in a terracotta style or revisited in earthenware, they can meet the demand in any room of the house. Find out how the tiles can be laid, in which rooms in the sleeping areas and for what purposes.

Cement tiles in the hallway

Whether it is to renovate a city center apartment or to build a modern villa, cement tiles find their place in the harmony of your interior. Placed on the ground in a corridor, they will allow you to distribute the different rooms in a personal way. Indeed, thanks to the many patterns available, cement tiles will in all cases go with the style of your different rooms.

Our advice for choosing the right pattern:

The corridors are generally narrow and of reduced surface area. Therefore, to enlarge and deepen your floor space, choose more small patterns. Large designs will match a more square, larger room better.

Les carreaux de ciment dans les espaces de nuit

Tiles in the bedroom

The bedroom is the room in which you should feel at ease. Between serenity and well-being, do not hesitate to bet everything on the atmosphere and the decoration. There are several styles of poses that will suit your project.

A graphic and authentic floor

Dress your entire floor in patterned cement tiles. You can afford any type of pattern: large, small, modern, baroque, minimalist. Here is our advice on the patterns to choose according to the style of decoration you want.

For a Scandinavian bedroom

Use patterns in soft, neutral hues, and minimalist patterns

For a bohemian trendy decoration

Choose rounded, natural and unstructured patterns

For an industrial atmosphere

Opt for raw, graphic and geometric patterns

For a romantic spirit

Go on floral patterns, curves of the Belle Epoque style

A floor mat at the foot of the bed

Cement tiles can also be used as a decorative carpet. This rug can be placed at the foot of the bed or at the end of the bed to add decorative value to your floor. You can indeed dress a large part of the floor in plain cement tiles and then add the patterns in the form of a carpet. And vice versa.

Les carreaux de ciment dans les espaces de nuit

A bathroom and WC with cement tiles

A shower room, bathroom and toilet can also accommodate cement tiles. However, there are certain conditions to ensure the good condition of your tiles over time:

  • It is not advisable to make a walk-in shower with cement tiles
  • It is forbidden to use products such as household vinegar, black soap, anti-limescale and other acid products. Only Marseille soap is recommended

Cement tiles can therefore be laid in all your rooms (except as the floor & walls of a walk-in shower). However, you must be vigilant about the cleaning products used.

Find our maintenance advice here

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