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Cement tiles in a bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the rooms in which you can afford a particular atmosphere or an offbeat decoration. Today, you can dress up the floor and walls with a variety of coverings: specific wallpapers for wet rooms, small or maxi size porcelain tiles, earthenware or fancy mosaics. All with neutral, monochrome, bright colors or original patterns.

Les carreaux de ciment dans une salle de bain

Therefore, the technical question of installing cement tiles in a bathroom often arises.

Can cement tiles be installed in a bathroom ?

Yes, cement tiles can be installed in a bathroom.

However, this material cannot be installed anywhere in the bathroom and requires certain maintenance requirements.

As for kitchen, hallway, living room or bedroom fittings made of cement tiles, we strongly advise against the use of acidic cleaning products such as bleach, white vinegar, linseed oil or black soap. We recommend the use of a neutral Marseille soap or clear tempered water.

You can find our detailed maintenance advice in the Treatment advice section.

Les carreaux de ciment dans une salle de bain

Cement tiles on a bathroom floor

You can design your bathroom with cement tiles. Let your imagination run wild and choose from the many patterns available, the style that best suits the mood you want to give your bathroom.

Cement tiles in a shower

Many shower designs are available on the web, highlighting one or more walls in the shower area covered with cement tile patterns. Find our advice on how to install patterns in a shower.

Installing a walk-in shower

As a manufacturer for over 30 years, we do not recommend the installation of carocim in shower floors for the following reasons :

  • Cement tiles being material tiles, despite the waterproofing treatment, cannot be maintained with anti-limescale products, bleach or white vinegar
  • The deposit of limestone can not be removed
  • The floor will not have the necessary anti-slip properties

A patterned shower wall

Just like the installation of cement tiles on the shower floor, we STRONGLY ADVISE against one or more shower walls with our material tiles.

How to install in patterns or patchwork in a shower?

For most of the pictures, the tiles presented are porcelain stoneware tiles with a cement tile effect. The porcelain stoneware does not require waterproofing or any particular treatment. Thanks to its different properties, maintenance is easy with your daily products.

Find our collections of cement tile effect on our site of porcelain stoneware, mosaic and earthenware Carrelage de la Tour.

mur salle de bain a bruxelles belgique cimenterie de la tour

A cement tile credenza

The real cement tiles can be installed in credenza. Thanks to the different sizes available such as 20x20cm, 15x15cm or 10x10cm. They will require waterproofing during installation and the usual daily maintenance.

Find all our tips for laying cement tiles.

Our teams of specialists at Cimenterie de la Tour are available if additional information is needed.

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